Letter to the Editor: Jeffrey J. Cohen & Pamela Cohen Behar
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Letter to the Editor: Jeffrey J. Cohen & Pamela Cohen Behar

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While we don’t know what is truly in the heart of Donald Trump with respect to Jews and other minorities, it is abundantly clear that those who identify as white supremacists are devoted followers of Trump. Time and again, Trump has failed to repudiate them. My greatest concern is that the successor to these supporters of Donald Trump will continue his embrace of white supremacists. White supremacists do not consider Jews as white; they include Jews along with Blacks and immigrants as the target of their hatred and violence. We may feel protected by Trump because he has a Jewish son-in-law and grandchildren, or because he has appeared to be pro-Israel. That protection is not likely to be there for us when Trump leaves the scene, whether in January or four years later. Supporting him because we think he’ll tax us less or give support to Israel may be good in the short-term, but I am quite fearful of the long-term implications. Furthermore, those of us who support him because of his anti-immigrant positions sicken me. After all, I don’t know a Jew among us who didn’t come from immigrants looking for a better and safer future for their family here in America.

Jeffrey J. Cohen, East Cobb
Pamela Cohen Behar, Tampa

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