Letter to the Editor: Jeffrey Kunkes
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Letter to the Editor: Jeffrey Kunkes

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At some point in the last ten years American Jewish support and importance of Israel fell from the top three or four concerns to number seven or eight. Now we have a chance to rid ourselves of Senator Warnock who supports BLM and is friends with Farrakhan and in the past has made anti semitic statements which he never fully resolved.

This is not the man of action we need as our representative. In the past week three Israelis were murdered on the streets of Israel by Palestinian terrorists. Why should you know? It did not make the news nor did Biden or Warnock condemn this action. Instead the families of these three murderers will live years of luxury at our expense since Biden without a protest from Warnock has decided not to enforce the Taylor Force Act which was passed in 2018. It specifically says no funding of Palestinians if they use the money to reward the families of terrorists.

I guess Warnock did want to offend his BLM supporters who have a large anti-Israel and anti-Jewish statements in their mission statement. Also we have stopped censoring and overseeing UN support of Palestinian school books which Biden with the help of Warnock reinitiated. In the prior administration this funding stopped until the books put Israel as a legitimate state on the maps and antisemitic lessons were removed. We are back at square 1.

We all were amazed at the Abraham Accords which were the first bilateral peace agreements after 60 years between Arab and Jewish states. Biden has done all he can to downgrade these accords trying to revive a two state solution rejected by both Hamas and the PLO. Also Biden has forced Israel to supply oil discovered by Israel and developed by Israel to Lebanon. This goes to Hezbollah to buy more Iranian rockets aimed at Tel Aviv. Biden also wants to put the PLO representative to the US in the embassy in Jerusalem over Israel protests.

If you heard any comments by Warnock, please respond to this but this is not a bold man of vision and peace. He is not a friend of the Jews. He is supporting the failed Iran nuclear deal. Walker is in opposition. Say what you will about Walker but he wants to fight inflation by restarting our energy independence and by closing open borders which lowers our costs for education and medical support for the illegal aliens over 2.2 million released into the US since Biden took power.

Jeffrey Kunkes, Sandy Springs

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