Letter to the Editor: Julia Lutch
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Letter to the Editor: Julia Lutch

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Letter to the editor,

It is curious that Nachman Shai expressed fear for the relationship between his country and the American Jewish community in the wake of Israel’s recent election. This is not what he should be concerned about.

He might more helpfully grapple with the question of how, after decades of refusal to negotiate peace and thousands of terror attacks aimed at civilians, it can possibly be Israel’s responsibility to find “…the framework in which they will live their lives and we live ours with security”?

Does he need to be reminded that “From the river to the sea…” indicates Palestinians want eradication of Israel, not separation from Israel? Even the U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs has condemned the recent “…terrorist attacks on public locations in Jerusalem…Terrorism is a dead end that accomplishes absolutely nothing.”

American Jews must let Israelis work out the implications of their elections unburdened by the wisdom of Jews who do not actually live in Israel. If American Jews really fail to see the seriousness of implacable Palestinian intransigence, then their relationship with Israel is in serious trouble indeed.

Julia Lutch, Davis, Calif.

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