Letter to the Editor: Kimball Shinkoskey
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Letter to the Editor: Kimball Shinkoskey

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Letter to the editor,

Australia is seriously considering leaving the monarchy and becoming a democracy. America is seriously considering the opposite.

For some 100 years, our presidents have gradually been usurping the powers of Congress and becoming more king-like. Donald Trump’s attempt to dump a presidential election and install himself as a long-term occupant of the White House brought us very close to this future.

Mr. Trump invites his followers to participate in the glitter of Mar-a-Lago, the glory of untrammeled power, and the majesty of his infallibility and closeness to God, just as the British monarch does with Buckingham, the scepter, and his anointing as King.

The former president achieves all this outside of law through constant flattery of his base, much like his flattery of women. But after the flattery subsides, our would-be king then proceeds to take away the dignity of his admirers.

I’m sticking with democracy. How about you?

Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross, Utah

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