Letter to the Editor: Kimball Shinkoskey
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Letter to the Editor: Kimball Shinkoskey

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Letter to the Editor,

Here is some world news that made it over top of the Rockies and slid down the ski slopes into Utah.

World class propaganda demon Benjamin Netanyahu says if he doesn’t invade Rafah in southern Gaza, he will lose the war. Funny, in a real democracy a leader is happy with 51% of the pie, but a dictator must have 99.9% to feel secure.

America has its troubles with narcissists, too. Our fascination with selfies has hit a new low with Jennifer Lopez’s full-length movie about her own love life.

Now we know Mr. Trump has five Supreme Court justices in his pocket, and Biden has four. Justice has descended to a game of caveman clubs and wooly mammoth meat cooked over an open fire.

Voters think their personal finances would be better off if Trump beats Biden. So, a man liable for large scale business fraud is the guy to get families to a good place financially?

With all this crazy political stuff going on, NASA’s Artemis moon landing program seems more like an ED treatment for politicians than a necessary expenditure of taxpayer funds. Moon exploration makes it look like America is expanding rather than contracting.

Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross, Utah

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