Letter to the Editor: Lauren Weinstein
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Letter to the Editor: Lauren Weinstein

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Letter to the editor,

This is a wake-up to America and the world. “NEVER AGAIN” IS “NOW”. Make no mistake about it.

From time to time, I am asked, “How did the Holocaust happen”? “Couldn’t it have been prevented”? “Weren’t there any clues”?

America – I beg you to please wake up. The Jewish population is about 2.4%. There is 60% antisemitism. Europe has signs in windows of stores/restaurants “No Jews Allowed.” Antisemitic acts are happening every day. A Jewish receptionist was killed in a synagogue (remember Tree of Life Synagogue?). Jewish students have been locked in a library on one campus and in a kosher cafeteria in another prestigious university campus, a Jewish man in CA was killed while holding an Israel flag, Pro-Palestinian/Anti-Israel marches are taking place across USA and throughout the world.

Tour companies/ cruise companies have been cancelling stops originally on itineraries. Flights are not going into Israel.

It doesn’t matter if you are 1/20 Jewish like John Kerry or married/in a relationship with a non-Jewish person or a pro-Palestinian sympathizer like Bernie Sanders or Alejandro Mayorkas who is letting Hamas and other terrorists come into the US through our border, they will take all of them. Then they will come for you, … a repeat of the 1930s. The October 7 attack and the movie Golda (Meir) and the Yom Kippur war have parallels. After October 7, antisemitism rose to 400%.

Make a difference now before it’s too late. Join a synagogue to be kept up-to-date and find out how you can help. Join Jewish organizations. Donate to IDF or similar. Buy Israeli Bonds. Contact your Senators/Congressman to combat antisemitism. Just don’t sit back and do nothing. Sadly, millions did in 1930, and it didn’t end well.

We are living in a very frightening time. ACT NOW before it is too late.

Lauren Weinstein, Atlanta

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