Letter to the Editor: Rabbi David Geffen [Poem for Israel]
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Letter to the Editor: Rabbi David Geffen [Poem for Israel]

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Rabbi David Geffen is a native Atlantan and Conservative rabbi who lives in Jerusalem.

Letter to the editor,

Hamas – Israel at War

Frightened terribly when I saw Hamas’ deadly entrance.
For them it was so easy like a real romance
The death and destruction never can be counted.
Every day the number of Israelis has mounted.

What is overwhelming here is the amazing resilience shown.
The volunteering, the cash collection evacuee housing has set the tone.
But we cannot do it alone no matter how much we try.
Working as hard as we can, doing our best barely time to cry.

I know we need cash, of course, directed to the right place.
We work hard here, never halting, we have such a pace.
We feel your help in so many ways.
At our side dear brethren-sisters day after day.

From what it appears now terrible battles ahead.
The immensity of the losses I really dread.
Know folks like me might hope our grandchildren to replace.
Alas know so well only youth, with strength, can keep the pace.

So, each of you, as you have done many times in the past.
You must sound “Israel really needs help” with a mighty blast.
Know you will take the lead and inspire many more.
And they realize the situation will rise to the fore.

Oh, wow how we wish there could be Palestinian Israel peace.
Then the hostages on one side and prisoners on the other a great release.
Now it seems our hands are tied and can barely move.
How in the world can we get into the needed peace groove.

Our homeland Israel and its people, me too, are suffering so
For us all, the extent of the problems is hard to really know.
What vibrance and strength needed you all could bring.
From your hands efforts answers would spring.

To you all how much your commitment to this homeland of ours.
Throughout your inspiring life you have given hours and hours.
Now a new challenge unexpected is ours to overcome.
It will take time, tremendous efforts to achieve the winning sum.

Love and thanks,

Rabbi David Geffen, Israel – formerly Atlanta

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