Letter to the Editor: Rabbi Eliyahu Schusterman
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Letter to the Editor: Rabbi Eliyahu Schusterman

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Rabbi Eliyahu Schusterman is co-director of Chabad Intown.

As was announced recently in an email from Rabbi Sollish, he and Leah and family will be leaving the Intown Jewish Academy and the Intown community.

Rabbi Ari and I have built a wonderful relationship and friendship these past 16 years and I am personally saddened by his departure. I’m sure you join Dena and I in wishing Rabbi Ari and Leah Sollish and family, continued success in their future endeavors, nachas from their children and good health.

I want to reassure y’all that Chabad Intown’s commitment to the community is strong and unwavering. The foundation of the Intown Jewish Academy that Rabbi Sollish has built from the ground up, is strong and solid! It will be the base that we will continue to build upon in the coming months and years.

We already have begun a process of looking for a new Rabbi and Rebbetzin to head up the IJA, and while no one is replaceable, we are confident that new talent will bring a new flavor and will ensure continued success.

This past Chanukah/January, Chabad Intown completed 25 years of service to the Atlanta Jewish Community. Much has been accomplished during these years. As we embark on the next quarter century, exciting things are happening including hiring of new staff, a rebuild of the Intown Jewish Preschool and more.

You have been a part of the amazing growth of this community and for that I say thank you! For your participation, your financial support and your commitment to a strong Jewish future.

Together we will move forward. Chazak!

To Rabbi Ari and Leah Sollish, I say, THANK YOU! Thank you for your dedication to Torah teaching, your commitment to your students, your humor that always made it fun to be around you, and personally for helping me be a better leader. My wishes to you and Leah for success in your future endeavors wherever they may take you.

You’ll always have a home at Chabad Intown and if your journey continues in the Atlanta area, we will welcome you often as a teacher, educator and source of inspiration.

With all my love,

Rabbi Eliyahu Schusterman, Atlanta

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