Letter to the Editor: Sloane Neiman
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Letter to the Editor: Sloane Neiman

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Letter to the editor,

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Small stuff — Marissa Pyle staffer or larger stuff, Stacy Abrams!

Anyone who reverts to name calling because some politician as Vernon Jones has a mind of his own, while caring much about the fair and equitable progress of the Black race, understood that Donald Trump was the best man for every sector of race, religion and creed. Trump proved it. He helped everyone be their better selves without admonishing anyone’s beliefs until guilty of a crime. The country was better off and proof is in the pudding.

Overrun borders with illegal immigrants, who Biden Democrats are buying for future votes (Stacy Abrams knows a lot about this when her judge sister changed boundaries to win elections illegally in GA.) So yes, Vernon was correct saying elections were fraudulent. Lost jobs, dead military and innocent Afghan children, forgotten soldiers and Americans left for dead at misguided U.S. pullout from Afghanistan, high taxes, CRT divisiveness by not correctly managing and teaching racial equality, Biden’s claim that he did everything right but Trump caused his problems … I could go on.

Understood politicians are a different breed and winning is everything but the Democrats have been the worst liars, destroyers of America. We believe in America, the Constitution, law and order and refunding the police not defunding. We understand vaccines and people’s rights to have a voice. Mostly we believe, even if we don’t subscribe to everybody’s choice; we believe in respect for those who do while in their presence. That student who laughed at Professor Bernstein doing his part as a citizen making allowances for shortages in every occupation during a pandemic, lacked respect and her parents should be saddened.

We love our flag for what she stands for and America may she always be right but my America.

Thank you for your good work. I am glad you were joined with your family this year at Rosh Hashanah.

Sloane Neiman

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