Letters to the Editor: Kimball Shinkoskey
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Letters to the Editor: Kimball Shinkoskey

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Crowing Without Feathers (in one’s cap)

Today our politicians are crowing loudly about 55 percent of targeted Americans being partially vaccinated, and maybe 45 percent being fully vaccinated, as if these numbers are the equivalent of summiting Everest.

Am I missing something here? At school, getting it 50 percent right would earn a student a grade of F.

I get that most people don’t trust the government and most never learned much science in school. But these social failures are the fault of leadership.

The founding fathers were clear about what was needed for real political leadership: knowledge, experience and virtue (selfless personality).

The founders wanted leaders who had knowledge of political science, and particularly the difference between republicanism (“democracy”) and elected monarchy.

The founders wanted leaders who entered local public service and stayed there in a variety of capacities for a long time.

The founders wanted people who did not care for fame, fortune or control, but merely the opportunity to educate others, serve the majority, and preserve the rights of the minority.

Is there one such politician serving anywhere in the United States today?

Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross, Utah

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