Limmud North America to Launch Learning Program

Limmud North America to Launch Learning Program

Something for Everyone, to be piloted in 2018, aims to make Limmud programming more accessible.

Eliana Leader
Eliana Leader

Limmud North America has received a multiyear, six-figure challenge grant to start its Something for Everyone initiative, which aims to bring innovative Jewish learning to more people by increasing the involvement of underengaged families, young adults and others.

SFE will be piloted in several American cities holding Limmud events in 2018,

“Something for Everyone is about Limmud opening its doors to everyone and expanding the Jewish horizons of individuals, volunteers and communities,” Limmud Chief Executive Eli Ovits said.

Families and young adults often can’t afford Limmud festivals, such as Limmud Atlanta + Southeast’s annual Labor Day weekend gathering at Ramah Darom, because of cost. Through philanthropic and organizational partnerships and Limmud communities, SFE will provide subsidies and targeted programming to families and young adults.

SFE also will support targeted marketing and recruitment, research into new learning approaches, and collaborations.

“Limmud needs more volunteers to sustain our current communities and create new ones,” said Eliana Leader, a Limmud Atlanta activist, a member of the SFE allocations committee and an AJT 40 Under 40 honoree.  “As our local Limmuds and other partners invest in and benefit from Something for Everyone, we will see an expanding, upward spiral of involvement in Jewish learning and culture across all ages and demographics among Jews who have been underserved until now.”

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