Local Artist Sarah Neuburger for Festival Artwork
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Local Artist Sarah Neuburger for Festival Artwork

The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival returns for its 23rd anniversary with a slate of compelling, emotional and thought-provoking films.

Art by Sarah Neuburger
Art by Sarah Neuburger

Sarah Neuburger is an immensely talented muralist, illustrator and freelance designer. Boasting an impressive resume, replete with works commissioned by some of the Peach State’s finest brands and causes, she was handpicked to craft the 2023 festival campaign artwork for the 23rd annual Atlanta Jewish Film Festival. AJFF proudly partnered with this local visionary in capturing to encapsulate the organization’s mission in a dynamic way.

Inspired by Ukrainian-born, Jewish artist Sonia Delaunay-Terk, Neuburger’s vision centers around bold, bright colors, eye-catching textures, and whimsical geometric patterns. The overall piece is a testament to the festival’s ethos: engaging diverse audiences through curiosity, conversation, and culture.

“[Her] work was in my mind for this project. I was initially influenced by her visuals, though the more I looked at her work and read about her philosophy, it just seemed like a natural fit for AJFF,” says Neuburger.

“I wanted to represent the city, my family and our community in the piece. I am in an interracial relation­ship, our extended family is multiracial, and our chosen family is equally as diverse,” continues Neuburger, “I know that serving a diverse community is important to AJFF, so naturally that was reflected in the chosen audience members in the piece.”

Born and raised.in Columbia, S.C., Neuburger now resides in Atlanta with her wife and dogs.

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