Looking Back on Ukraine as I Prepare for 2023
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Looking Back on Ukraine as I Prepare for 2023

The AJT owner and publisher reflects on the atrocities put forth by Vladmir Putin and Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine.

Publisher Michael Morris
Publisher Michael Morris

As I look back on the year, one thing stands out to me more than anything else, Putin’s war against Ukraine, the annihilation of its people, infrastructure, and culture. People he once called brothers, people he claims to be saving from genocide, are people he is killing every day. Could there be anything more ridiculous than this insane man’s justification for murder?

Putin is nothing more than a tyrant, lying and making asinine statements to justify the killing of innocent people and the taking of their property. As this has played out over the year, the only thing that is crystal clear is that this maniacal dictator could care less about how many people he kills in his country or the country he is waging war against. His image and legacy far outweigh thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of lives.

The list of atrocities against humankind is staggering. Targeting schools, hospitals, civilian apartments and homes, museums, grocery stores. Leveling entire cities. Displacing millions of women and children. Looting, rape, torture and then, attempting to set up war tribunals to prosecute these victims of crimes he committed against them. Creating elections at gunpoint hours after tanks roll in as if this is a sign of democracy or free will. How are our world leaders not doing more is beyond my comprehension. I am not advocating for World War III, but when the only allies for this rabid dog have been China, North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela, doesn’t that speak volumes?

Let’s recall some of the statements that this heinous demented individual has uttered. “Modern Ukraine was entirely created by Russia. Ukraine never had a tradition of statehood” (writer’s note; look up Trypillian); “From the very first steps, they (Ukraine) began to build their statehood on the denial of everything that unites us. There is only one goal (of Ukraine) to restrain the development of Russia. (I, Putin) ordered the attack to get people out of their misery, out of this genocide”; “There is no greater love than if someone gives his soul for his friends. Retaliation will be on the conscience of the rulers of Ukraine” (ostensibly, if Russia attacks, any retaliation will be Ukraine’s fault).

One cannot look at what is happening without compassion; it was necessary to stop this nightmare. His rantings are literally absurd, have no factual grounding and are totally meaningless. One cannot even respond because they make no sense – it’s a totally fake conversation and world leaders are responding as if he is coherent. It is like trying to make reason of a two-year-old’s gibberish and forging a debate. The difference is that this idiot is killing his own people and Ukrainians every single day and he can launch nuclear ICBM’s at almost his own whim.

Putin is comparing himself to Peter the Great. He is murdering innocent civilians every day. He has no plans to stop. He claims to be saving the people of Ukraine from neo-Nazi persecution. Why is no world leader or organization taking a real leadership role? What in G-d’s name are we waiting for? How can the UN claim to be a functioning organization and have no direct response? If the UN is unwilling to take a stand given these absurd circumstances, I cannot see a relevant purpose to it, ever. Clearly, the world has not learned what happens when deranged leaders like Putin have control and begin murderous rampages. History is repeating itself and have no doubt, China and Iran are watching very closely.

If you are unwilling to consider that history is repeating itself, ponder on this thought. It is quite possible that Putin has killed more Ukrainians than COVID. If he hasn’t, that day is not too far off. In addition, thus far, Putin has sent to death an estimated 100,000 Russians, about one-third of the total Russian COVID deaths, but he is working hard to eclipse that number. Why are COVID deaths more important internationally than systematic murder?

Enjoy the holidays and new year. Stay warm. Spend time with family. And remember, our friends in Ukraine will do none of this. Chag Sameach!

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