Mazel Tov: Millie Kinbar
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Mazel Tov: Millie Kinbar

Millie Kinbar celebrated her 100th birthday Feb. 24.

Millie Kinbar celebrated her 100th birthday Feb. 24. Her youngest daughter Suzan arranged for a huge yard sign in front of Kinbar’s Hammond Glen retirement community on her birthday.

“What a day we had for Mom, full of surprises, and were thrilled to share it all with her, as she had been happily vaccinated along with her fellow residents,” Suzan said. “Mom enjoyed a lovely birthday lunch in the dining room at a decorated table with some of her friends; everyone sang happy birthday and enjoyed the big cake we had brought over. Staff even presented Mom with champagne and were incredibly gracious and kind.”

Later in the afternoon, Millie took part in a traditional Hammond Glen happy hour, where she was serenaded by the singer while she danced in her chair to the music. Then came the lively surprise car parade, where Millie happily shared in her birthday festivities with friends and family, cards and presents, and all passed (and some danced) by her beautiful birthday sign” created by Sign Greeters.

“It was lovely and exciting and a happy festive day, but we did miss all of our family who couldn’t be with her/us because of COVID,” Suzan said. “This year was certainly a different kind of celebration, but still one that allowed all of us to share in Millie’s 100th birthday from near and far.”

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