Meliss Jakubovic’s Holiday Message
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Meliss Jakubovic’s Holiday Message

Read community insights, advice and perspectives during this time as we enter in to the 5781/ 2020 Rosh Hashanah New Year.

Meliss Jakubovic
Meliss Jakubovic

As the new year approaches, there is a lot that I learned. Obviously, COVID-19 is the hot topic that I’m sure many will speak about but what is really enthralling is that I asked for this. I didn’t ask for sickness and sadness of course, but I asked for a moment in time where I would be able to slow down, enjoy the present moment intentionally, and focus on the things that desperately needed my attention.

You see, before the pandemic, I was running my online marketing agency, teaching six Israeli dance classes a week, caring for my kids and my dad, trying to maintain a social life, and always on the go. The time I had for myself was short and there were things in my mind that I wanted to create but didn’t have the long bursts of openness and space to do such a thing.

I asked for strength to keep going, time to slow down, a moment where I could pause my classes and devote time to building my online empire, and spend more time with my kids without all the activities and busy schedules of everyone else. I asked for a cleaner planet and less traffic. I asked for a sense of everyone coming together.

And although I know this world isn’t perfect, and riots and pain have plagued our country, I feel the shakeup and the transition in the works. I know that change is on its way. With more people at home, everyone is going through this together and that brings us closer and allows us to have more understanding of one another.

People aren’t driving around as much, which leads to less pollution and less traffic. Kids are at home, and although that brings its own challenges, this time together is a gift.

I was able to slow down and my business has seen a lot of growth due to my undivided attention and focus.

The point is, I did not ask for COVID-19 but I did ask for all these other things and I choose to see the positive in the situation. When I ask, and I believe that it is possible, it is given. And so what I have learned this year is that anything is possible (although I already knew that and believe that with all my heart) and I will continue to look back at 2020 or 5780 as a year of growth and learning for the entire planet to be kind to ourselves and each other and to find the opportunities in every challenge.

Meliss Jakubovic is an online marketing strategist and Israeli folk dance instructor.

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