Michal Bonell’s Chanukah Message for 2023

Michal Bonell’s Chanukah Message for 2023

Atlanta Jewish Times staff wishes our community Happy Chanukah from our AJT family to yours.

Michal Bonell
Michal Bonell

How do we find the light through the horrific darkness that’s taken place in Israel and the destruction we see daily in Gaza?

I find that like many, I am triggered by occurrences that I never would have really noticed before. For example, since this war began around Halloween, I found that I was unable to watch horror films, which never really triggered any personal emotion. Now, any violent act I see on TV brings out fear and paranoia within me.

I just returned from a fun-filled visit to Disney World, where my friends and I enjoyed an Indiana Jones stunt show, featuring a kidnapping scene. I couldn’t help the triggered feelings that washed over me, even though it was a silly performance. I lay in my warm comforting bed each night and wonder if the hostages have their basic needs, food, warmth, toiletries. It’s hard, it’s frightening, and it’s just so heavy to deal with war, with hate, with fear.

The only thing I can do is be thankful to have my day-to-day basic needs met; To have my family close by and safe. I pray for peace and hope that someday we can live in a world without war, without violence, and without prejudice. Amen!

Michal Bonell is the Senior Account Manager and Team Supervisor for the Atlanta Jewish Times.

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