Montana Tucker Dazzles FIDF Women

Montana Tucker Dazzles FIDF Women

FIDF supporters get informed and empowered by a set of bold speakers.

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Jeris Hollander, Karen Shulman, Montana Tucker, Anat Sultan-Dadon, Liz Rose, and Georgia State Legislator Esther Panitch line up for a power photo.
Jeris Hollander, Karen Shulman, Montana Tucker, Anat Sultan-Dadon, Liz Rose, and Georgia State Legislator Esther Panitch line up for a power photo.

More than 200 women showed up and showed out for full Am Yisreal Chai vigor at the Friends of the Israel Defense Fund luncheon on April 11 at City Springs, featuring media star Montana Tucker.

In a strong and empowered program, each of the six speakers hammered home a unified message, “Now more than ever is the time to speak up to counteract the misinformation in the dialogue of antisemitic and anti-Israel sentiment. Israel Consul General to the Southeast Anat Sultan-Dadon stated, “Too many are standing on the wrong side of history with these false narratives at their core-supporting murder and rape … it is our duty to call this out! If pro-Palestinians care about [their] people, they would want to free Gaza from Hamas. It’s our duty to use our voices.”

Beth Friedman, alongside Rachel Simons, said, “How can we not speak out at this juncture in time?”

Welcoming remarks were made by FIDF Southeast Associate Director Jeris Hollander about how the events of Oct. 7 were her personal turning point into leadership and visiting Israel, the Kotel at Shabbat, understanding Israel’s terrible losses, and amazing resilience.

A video was shown featuring female IDF soldiers on the battlefield and especially in tanks. These impressive women explained how in some areas “they became experts in 10 minutes.”

Another added, “We spent 17 hours in a tank and not one civilian was harmed … terrorists did not see our ponytails blowing in the wind … You can’t spell ‘hero’ without “her” … women were in the air, land, and sea [in the IDF].”

Next on the podium was Karen Shulman, chair, FIDF Georgia and Southeast States, who mourned the loss of 600 IDF soldiers since the 187th day post-Oct. 7. On yet another trip to Israel, she visited Oct. 7 war sites, the kibbutz “singed to nothing,” music festival, and visiting cousins who had to shelter in stairwells. Shulman’s particular interest is in the area of mental health and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Karen Mervis, Tessa Shaban, Moriya Jackson, and Lauren Karseboom (seated right) had family killed in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Lara Krinsky, FIDF national event moderator, led a panel with Sultan-Dadon and an IDF attaché from the Israel Embassy in Washington, D.C. Krinsky noted that the FIDF has touched every soldier since Oct. 7 and explained how we have to bridge the gap in misinformation. A forceful Sultan-Dadon emphasized that the antisemitism on college campuses is not just a Jewish problem, but “a concern for society at large in training future leaders … what kind of leaders will they be if hate is tolerated, and rape is acceptable?”

When asked if she is torn about being stateside vs. Israel, she stated that her role now is to fight from inside the U.S.

Karen Shulman chatted with Garry Sobel, past FIDF Southeast Chair.

All eyes and hearts were wide open for comments by blonde youthful Montana Tucker, award-winning singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, who uses her social media for pro-Jewish causes and philanthropy. Some remember her moxie from wearing a yellow ribbon dress to the Grammy’s representing the hostages.

Tucker, whose grandparents were Holocaust survivors, explained the roots of her support for Israel and vowed to defend against misinformation despite possible consequences in popularity. She explained how she was almost removed from the Grammy’s “for being too political,” but used her voice to get to walk the carpet in “that dress.”

She also shared that many Hollywood types quietly praise her for speaking out but are afraid to themselves for fear of loss of jobs or negative blow back. She said, “There were times when Jews could not speak up. I don’t hesitate and have no use for Jews like Jonathan Glazer (in his Oscar speech denouncing his Judaism). She also made a docuseries aimed at Gen X explaining the Holocaust.

She said, “My social media extends to all races and sexual preferences, I get all kinds of death threats and am called ‘Hitler.’ I never reply, fueling more hate gets us nowhere … I am able to block certain words on Instagram … I need to keep doing more until they finally get it.”

Krinsky and Sultan-Dadon on a panel delved into serious and timely issues.

She boldly concluded, “I’m not afraid, I’m out buying more jewelry. This is just fuel for me to scream more.”

Tucker recognized her mother in the audience and shared how she has been making the rounds speaking at various high-level meetings like the Anti-Defamation League conference, and alongside the famous “Son of Hamas.”

For more insight, register for the FIDF Annual Event on May 13.

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