New CEO Plans Sixth Point Growth
NewsSixth Point Appoints New Leader

New CEO Plans Sixth Point Growth

Monique Arar has been named CEO of The Sixth Point, replacing founder Michelle Krebs Levy.

Rachel Fayne

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The Sixth Point’s new CEO, Monique Arar, has extensive experience in Jewish communal service.
The Sixth Point’s new CEO, Monique Arar, has extensive experience in Jewish communal service.

Monique Arar, the newly named CEO of The Sixth Point, is determined to continue the popularity of the organization by building communities and engaging young professional Jews with events and opportunities.

The AJT spoke to Arar and her predecessor as CEO, founder Michelle Krebs Levy, to find out a little bit more about Arar, her plans for The Sixth Point and Levy’s feelings about her selection.

AJT: Can you speak a little bit about what The Sixth Point is?

Arar: The Sixth Point is an independent, nondenominational organization for Jewish people in their 20s and 30s. We serve as a gateway to Jewish connection for young adults, who are often unaffiliated or just feeling disconnected from the Jewish community.

AJT: What will you be doing in your new job?

Arar: As the new CEO, I will be working with our board of directors and committee members in creating meaningful opportunities for young professionals to explore their Jewish identity — whether that’s through programs, a sense of community belonging or leadership opportunities. I will be ensuring that we reach out to as many people as possible in the greater Atlanta area and working to ensure that we have the funds necessary to make the greatest impact. Long story short, being CEO of an organization such as The Sixth Point means doing a bit of everything — meeting people in the community, building and strengthening organizational relationships, getting our constituents involved and fostering leadership opportunities, and lastly designing, marketing and running programs and ensuring that The Sixth Point has the resources to make it all happen.

AJT: Did you have any involvement with the organization prior to your hiring?

Arar: I heard about The Sixth Point shortly after moving to Atlanta in the summer of 2016 and immediately fell in love with the organization. I really appreciated the unique, fun programs, the warmth of its participants, and was especially impressed with the charismatic professionalism of its organizational leadership — namely, Michelle Levy. In addition to being a very involved participant, I served as a member of its strategic committee, discussing decisions regarding the long-term direction of the organization.

Levy: I’m thrilled that Monique shares my passion for the work that The Sixth Point is doing, and I am excited to see the organization grow and evolve under her leadership. I look forward to The Sixth Point’s next chapter and am confident that it will flourish.

AJT: What’s your background? Have you held any previous positions that you feel will inform your work at Sixth Point?

Arar: I am originally from Bexley, Ohio (a suburb of Columbus), and, despite being fairly nomadic after college, have found a way to be involved with the Jewish community my entire life. I was president of my BBYO chapter and was recognized for an award for my work in community enhancement from Miami University Hillel. After college, I worked for Hillel of Broward and Palm Beach in Boca Raton, Fla., as a JCSC fellow, engaging new students and designing programs. I then became the Hillel director in Las Vegas, serving at UNLV and expanding our program to serve several other colleges in the area. After Las Vegas, I moved to San Francisco, where I was the program coordinator for JIMENA: Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa, while also living and leading programs in the San Francisco Moishe House. On top of all that, I have 10 years of Hebrew school teaching experience.

AJT: What are your long-terms plans for The Sixth Point?

Arar: I want to ensure its success. I will work hard to ensure that we increase the organization’s participant base and the number of opportunities to engage our constituents, as well as the impact that we have on their lives and their connection to Jewish identity, all while building our organizational budget so that we can continue to grow.

AJT: Are there any events coming up in the near future? What should we watch out for?

Arar: With the spring holidays approaching, we will be hosting our annual make-your-own-hamantaschen party for Purim on Feb. 24 and our community Passover seder on March 31. Additionally, we have a lot of fun, exciting events on our upcoming calendar. For more information, please join our mailing list or check out our website ( and our Facebook page (

AJT: What should people know about The Sixth Point?

Arar and Levy: The Sixth Point is really unique in that the people who participate are there to make friends and build community. We are a very welcoming, nonjudgmental group that is excited about ensuring that everyone in our midst has a great time and leaves with a new friend.

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