Obituary: Kalman Held

Obituary: Kalman Held

Kalman Held, 86, of Atlanta, Ga., died on Sept. 1, after a years-long battle with cancer.

Kalman Held, 86, of Atlanta, Ga., died on Sept. 1, after a years-long battle with cancer.

Kal was born on Sept. 23, 1935, in Czernovitz, Romania, in the Bukovina province, to Eleonora Eckstein and Gustav Held. He was six years old when his father was taken away by the Russians in 1941 (at the outset of World War II). The family’s home, lifestyle, and liberties were taken next, with the German occupation of Romania. Kal had a deep and unwavering love of Israel, borne of the safety its very harbors provided him after he and his mother landed on its shores in 1944.

His connection to the land and his Judaism would never falter. Perhaps the only thing he treasured more was his family, especially his wife Lois (Neiman), whom he met in 1961 thanks to a crafty setup by Eleonora. He was determined to celebrate the pair’s 60th anniversary this past July 8th, which the couple did quietly, as was their way.

While Kal traveled extensively throughout his career in the hotel/hospitality industry, he and Lois settled in Atlanta in 1970. They grew deep roots and have been members of the Beth Jacob community for 52 years. He worked hard to ensure that each of his three children received a Jewish education. Kal was a proud and modest man with a strong work ethic.

He worked until he was 83 years old. He devoured books on history, he studied Torah multiple times a week for many years, up until weeks before his death. He had a rare sense of honesty and integrity. He adored his wife and cherished each and every member of his family.

Survivors include wife Lois, and their three children, Gary (Jeanne McKinney), Deborah, and David (Beth Stadtmauer); and four grandchildren, Beck Maslia, and Eliezer, Yaakov, and Shira Held. Kal was a beloved brother to Dany and Naava Ben-David, Ariella and Tony Williams, and to the late Alan and Sandy Ben-David (of blessed memory). He was a truly beloved uncle to many nieces and nephews, and a friend to all who’ve known him.

Contributions may be made to Eternal Life-Hemshech, the Holocaust survivors’ organization where he was an active member. Arrangements by Dressler’s Jewish Funeral Care, 770-451-4999.

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