Obituary: Odded Zamir, 76

Obituary: Odded Zamir, 76

Odded Zamir, 76, of Stone Mountain passed away Monday, May 30, 2016.

Born in Jerusalem, the 17th generation of his family born in Israel, he lived the last half of his life in the United States. By any standard he lived more than a full life yet left us far too early. A renaissance man, quite literally a master in anything he touched, Odded lived and did more in one lifetime than many of us could imagine in five lifetimes. A musician, first in the Israel Defense Forces, he served as an entertainer for the troops for years, including during the Six-Day War. Thereafter Odded was a nationally recognized recording artist with awards including recognition for his version of “Shalom Hanoch,” the first cover version ever authorized by famed musician Arik Einstein.

Odded led a second life as a renowned structural engineer after graduating top of his class from the Technion, the most famous of institutions in Israel. His third life was as an inventor with exceptional success from revolutionizing the music industry by inventing the predecessor to the mixer of today, labeled by critics at the time as “a stunning example of human ingenuity,” to inventing a revolutionary hair-removal product for women that could have itself been any normal person’s single life accomplishment. His fourth life was as a real estate investor, playing his game of Monopoly, as he called it, in only the way he knew and could do it.

None of these lives Odded lived was as important to him as his life with his family, from his loving wife, Lucy, to his sisters, Hagit and Rivka, to his daughter Zohar and her two children, Chen and Tomer, to his daughter Donna and her three sons, Jacob, Aiden and Ari. He lived for his children and grandchildren and, if asked what he was most proud of in life, he would undoubtedly say his family. He is survived by them — his wife, sisters, daughters and grandchildren — as well as many other loving family members and friends who dearly miss him. Dressler’s Jewish Funeral Care, 770-451-4999.

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