Our Office Is Your Office

Our Office Is Your Office

By Michael A. Morris | Publisher’s Letter


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Photos by Ziv Koren – You can find inspiration in photos like these throughout the AJT offices.

Come visit. Your Atlanta Jewish Times offices are open to you.

You can pick up a couple of copies of a back issue (maybe there was a picture of a family member). If you are writing for us, feel free to come in, grab a desk and log into our WiFi. Maybe you are doing some research and want to see an actual paper; our physical archives go back to 1954. Or maybe you just want to talk with your editor or me (just not on Tuesday when we go to press).

Our door is always open. We have hot coffee and a decent Internet connection, and there is always news to discuss.

In addition, we have 15 photographs from the Ziv Koren collection that are not to be missed.

Ziv Koren is a photojournalist who has followed the activities of the IDF for over 20 years. He has documented training activities; accompanied troops going into Gaza, withdrawing from Lebanon, and conducting missions into the West Bank; had assignments with Israel’s air force, navy and Frogs (equivalent to the U.S. Navy SEALs); and traveled to Haiti and most recently Nepal, where he is today.

His studies include the Israeli-Arab conflict, the plight of the Palestinians, poverty in Israel, and Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions in action, to name a sampling. In addition, he has been commissioned to take the portraits of many of Israel’s leading citizens and politicians.

You may have seen his pictures in a book titled “Brotherhood,” published in conjunction with the Friends of the IDF. His most famous book, which became the subject of a documentary of the same name, is called “More Than 1000 Words.”

Ziv Koren’s work is inspirational, educational and emotionally impactful.

Now you have a variety of reasons to come and visit your Atlanta Jewish Times offices at 270 Carpenter Drive in Sandy Springs. I look forward to meeting you.

Selection of Photos by Ziv Koren from our collection at the AJT office


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