Pachter Cozies up to New Pajama Line
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Pachter Cozies up to New Pajama Line

Heather Rubin Pachter drew from her own experience as a parent to match the right pajama fabric, fit, and design for Cozeezz, her new product line.

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Pachter and Zamir first started by selling PJ’s at school events and often use their own kids as models.   
Pachter and Zamir first started by selling PJ’s at school events and often use their own kids as models.   

Who doesn’t remember Livingston Taylor’s catchy children’s song, “I Got My Pajamas On”?

Pajama clothing dates to the 13th century Ottoman Empire as “garments for the legs” and have long been a symbol of comfort and warmth.

Dunwoody native Heather Rubin Pachter was just not satisfied with the design choices — as a mother of two seeking out the best PJs over extensive shopping efforts.

Heather Rubin Pachter advises that comfy well-designed PJs can help with bedtime routines.

She recalled, “Although I have purchased children’s pajamas for years, I was never satisfied with the fabric, fit, or designs. When my business partner, Jessica Zamir, and I bought matching pajamas for our daughters, we were underwhelmed with the design options and fabric quality. From that moment on, we went to work creating a product line Cozeezz that focuses on comfort without sacrificing style.”

The two spent a year working with professionals to optimize the fabric. Their “paramount” goal was for the material to be soft without compromising quality and durability. Now they personally design all fabric patterns and enjoy the constant process of creative innovation. Once their fabric was printed, their first run was cut and sewn in Miami. They learned “the ropes” with details like single thread tags being the best option since they are easy to remove if needed and do not degrade like tagless labels.

Pachter continued, “After extensive research and sample testing, we selected a female run manufacturer who custom prints, cuts, and creates pajamas of exceptional quality. We are so excited that our vision has come to fruition!”

They initially sold their pajamas at local school events in fall of 2023. They recently launched their website ( and Instagram page) “where slumber meets style … cause little legends deserve both.”

Pachter doesn’t stop there as the site sells adult and teen sets, little girl’s dresses, in addition to boy’s and girl’s PJs.

Pachter and Zamir did extensive research to find the right fabrics for style, comfort, and durability.

Pachter recounts that pajamas are not only for sleeping. “Our kids always insist on wearing their Cozeezz, even around town, because they love the soft fabric and the style. My children have even flown in their Cozeezz on early morning flights. On our website, the models are our children and their friends. Jessica and I are both working moms, and we have organized the Cozeezz photo shoots around the kids’ schedules so they can participate. We know that it is important to show our children how to harness their creativity, design a plan, and become entrepreneurs. Our unmatched softness and unique prints are a result of countless hours spent perfecting the products. The result is a fit and feel that kids never want to take off. From day to night, we have them covered.”

The child pajamas retail for $49 a set. After numerous requests, they added pajamas for moms for $89 a set. Some sets come in shorts. They are currently in discussions with fashion boutiques from Miami to New York to establish a retail presence.

Cozeezz offers some tips to help preserve fabric quality and durability and recommend pajamas be washed in cold water with a mild detergent and air dried.

Pachter also proffers that fun PJs can help with nightly bedtime routine.

“Children look forward to putting on comfortable pajamas after their showers and baths. Feeling comfortable contributes to the nightly bedtime routine. Children have the opportunity to lounge and relax before bedtime. Cozeezz creates calming and soothing evenings and lazy mornings.”

Kids sets are $49 and some have matching sets for mom at $89.

Cozy up to some fun prints like Sneaker Head, Terrazzo, Jaws-ome, Camo, and Off Road.

Hey, how about matching PJs for dads?

Heather grew up in Atlanta and attended the Hebrew Academy. Later, she graduated from the Woodward Academy. While attending Tulane University, she earned a BSM in marketing. Subsequently, she obtained duel masters in elementary education and exceptional student education from Boston University. Heather Rubin Pachter’s home was featured in the Atlanta Jewish Times’ Chai Style Home column on May 27, 2021.

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