Quinn Katler’s Chanukah Message for 2023

Quinn Katler’s Chanukah Message for 2023

For our annual Chanukah issue, we asked members of our community to share their responses.

Quinn Katler
Quinn Katler

We are living through extremely trying times. When checking in on my Jewish friends and family, “How are you?” is answered with disheartened sentiments: “fine, all things considered,” or “honestly, just hanging in.”

The atrocities of October 7, and the subsequent fall-out, hit our community at its very core. We are bombarded by stories and images conjuring immense pain, hatred, and suffering.

Channukah, quite conversely, is a time for spreading light, discovering joy, and embracing celebration. With so much uncertainly and sadness, how can we possibly commemorate this “festival of lights?”

The Maccabee Jews achieved victory in the face of immense loss and unimaginable odds. Today, Chanukah reminds us that throughout history, time and time again, we have achieved triumph, and we have done so as a unified, impenetrable community.

Each of us is bound in courage and spirit; we battle our enemies in unison. Pain breeds a unique reminder to re-focus our perspective this holiday season; we must re-direct our intention towards keeping the flame of Jewish beliefs and tradition alive… together as a Jewish community.

Quinn Katler is a Reproductive Endocrinologist at SGF (Atlanta), and Medical Advisory Board Member of Jewish Fertility Foundation.

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