Re-Elect Michael Julian Bond

Re-Elect Michael Julian Bond

Post One, At-Large Atlanta City Council

It is my highest honor to represent the citizens of our great city as the Post One, At-Large Member on the Atlanta City Council. As your representative, I have championed progressive policies and equitable programs, and have delivered responsive and accountable public service.

My vision for the city of Atlanta is one of a caring community characterized by balanced, smart-growth; a strong and inclusive economy; affordable housing for working and middle class residents; and diverse transportation options that are equitable and sustainable.

Community & Economic Development: I have a solid history of working toward this vision: I doubled the Community Development Block Grants investment totaling $25 million for affordable housing initiatives in underserved areas. To fulfill the City’s 30-year promise to rebuild the historic Washington Park Natatorium—the first public swimming pool open to minority residents—I developed the successful strategy to fund park construction at no additional costs to Atlanta taxpayers. (I have never voted for a property tax increase.) I also sponsored legislation to bring $130 million for the creation of the Westside Village on Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive—the largest single investment in an Atlanta community at that time—and created the tax allocation district that made Atlantic Station possible.

I have also spearheaded efforts for affordable housing and community development initiatives including the Summerhill Community Trust Fund (capitalized at $5 million), Affordable Housing Impact Statement, $50 million Homeless Opportunity Project, Westside Tax Abatement for legacy residents—a 20 year property tax abatement program—and passage of legislation that caps the annually adjusted value of homesteaded residential properties at 3% over the lowest base year value.

To incentivize the development of affordable housing, I passed legislation authorizing the sale of surplus real estate for $1 to pre-qualified developers (targeting non-profits) to create affordable housing, eliminating a key barrier for such development—land costs.

Sustainable Infrastructure — Greenspaces: To maintain Atlanta’s environmental-friendly title as the “City Among the Trees,” I have worked to preserve and plant trees and to create more greenspaces. I am the sponsor of the citizens’ version of the proposed new Tree Ordinance for the city. Two of my largest greenspace efforts are:

Bellwood Quarry – Westside Park (Opened Summer 2021): I was able to significantly expand Atlanta’s greenspace by passing a resolution that set the stage for Bellwood Quarry to be transformed into a park and recreational amenity for residents and a 30-day water reserve. To relieve some of the burden on Piedmont Park, I also passed legislation to explore the feasibility of building an amphitheater for community events on the sprawling land that is three times the size of Piedmont Park.

Rodney Mims Cook, Sr. Peace Park (Opened Summer 2021): Atlanta is known for its advocacy of civil and human rights, diversity and inclusion. As a lifelong Atlantan, I am a proud and ardent supporter of initiatives to ensure that Atlanta is a welcoming city for all people. To that end, I was delighted to co-sponsor legislation to create a living legacy of peace that is planned to be the future North American home of the Nobel Peace Prize. Thanks to the National Monuments Foundation, the 16-acre park is already home to a magnificent statue of our beloved, late Congressman John Lewis—enabled by legislation that I authored.

Transportation: I have consistently advocated for the development of smart transportation options and rebuilding our infrastructure. I led a massive restoration of streets, sidewalks, and infrastructure—the first in 40 years in many areas.

Integrated transportation/transit systems improve the livability in communities. I advocated for geographically-equitable TSPLOST projects and sponsored the $1 million Downtown Traffic Operations Program-Atlanta Downtown Improvement District Traffic Operations project. To aid balanced development of the Atlanta Beltline, I am reintroducing legislation to create housing and commercial enterprise zones to help property owners from being priced out of their communities. Since MARTA has assumed governance and operations, I look forward to the Streetcar connecting to the Atlanta Beltline.

Recently, I secured $6 million from GDOT to make safety improvements to Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway—where more than 20 pedestrians have been killed in the past decade.

On a personal note, I was heartened to co-sponsor the City’s taskforce that called for the naming of “John Lewis Freedom Parkway.”

Public Safety: As a former public safety officer, I have fought for a safe city and been a stalwart supporter of pay equity and competitive salaries for our police, fire and corrections officers. I created a Public Safety Compensation Commission that recommends equitable salaries for officers through biennial market-based analyses.

I was pleased to provide legislation for the City to accept federal funding for public safety and justice reform initiatives including:

  • $1 million for a Second Chance Act – Adult Reentry Demonstration Planning and Implementation Grant to reduce jail recidivism among the homeless population
  • $425,000.00 for a Smart Prosecution Initiative to be developed and implemented by the City Solicitor’s Office to divert persons committing certain types of offenses to appropriate social service providers
  • $600,000.00 to develop and implement a Second Chance Reentry Program for adults with co-occurring substance abuse and mental disorders incorporating wrap- around services by community- based treatment partners

To deter illegal street-racing, I passed legislation requiring persons arrested for street-racing to be arraigned—thereby necessitating a judicial review of their charges before they can be released.

Thank you for your confidence, support and prayers as I seek to faithfully serve our fair city.

It is my hope that your family will have peace, safety and a meaningful fast during Yom Kippur.

Election Day: November 2, 2021

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Michael Julian Bond

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