Renee Werbin’s 2022 Passover Message

Renee Werbin’s 2022 Passover Message

Renee Werbin shares her inspiration and thoughts on this year's Passover holiday with the community.

Renee Werbin
Renee Werbin

L’dor V’dor

Spring is here and it’s nature’s wake-up call to the dogwoods, azaleas, gladiolus and tulips. In the south, our neighborhoods are aglow in this bounty of beauty when nature wakes from its long winter snooze and brightens the world in a cornucopia of magnificent colors.

Springtime also heralds the festival of Pesach when we commemorate and celebrate our people’s miraculous exodus from slavery in Egypt to freedom. In the retelling at our Seders, we recount the oppression that our ancestors endured with time-honored traditions that have been passed from generation to generation (L’dor V’dor).

It’s an ancient and inspirational story of survival, endurance, fortitude and hope, and a cherished time to rejoice in the indomitable spirit of our forefathers.

The Passover narrative of deliverance from bondage to freedom is interlaced with faith and hope for a better future. Hope is a trait that has sustained our Jewish people throughout the ages.

Regardless of the tyrants through the ages who have come to destroy us or the obstacles and struggles we been forced to face, our people have never lost hope. It’s through this hope and our faith that our people and our traditions have persevered.

The world is faced with adversity. Restrictions are easing, but COVID is still a health threat around the globe. We are grieving with our Israeli brothers and sisters as they are again under siege from multiple deadly terrorist attacks. Once again, a tyrant has risen to destroy a nation.

Millions of people, numerous charities and governments around the world have answered the call for help and are uniting in their efforts to aid and shelter fleeing Ukrainians. These acts of humanity are inspirational, providing much needed hope for those under siege.

As we usher in Passover, may your Seders be magical, meaningful and filled with joy. May this season of renewal sprout a spark of hope, strength, peace and optimism in a positive future for all of us. Chag Sameach.

Renee Werbin is the founder of SRI Travel and the publisher and co-founder of Travelgirl Magazine.

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