Richard N Wright For Mayor 2021

Richard N Wright For Mayor 2021

Richard N Wright is running to make each Atlantan’s life better.

My name is Richard N. Wright, and I am running to be mayor of Atlanta. I am running to make each Atlantan’s life better, from Buckhead to Bankhead. I moved to Atlanta in 1997 with $500, a GED, and a dream. My mother, after many a conversation, finally convinced me to enroll in college. I attend Herzing University, where I earned a BS in Business Administration. I decided to further my education, enrolling in Strayer University and graduating with an MBA. I became a licensed CPA, then went on to receive my Master of Legal Studies degree from Arizona State. After the passing of the Jobs Act in 2018, I attended Georgetown University Law School, graduating with a Certificate in International Tax Law. My education, corporate work experience, life experience, and love for this city all make me the best candidate to bring fiscal transparency and responsibility to city hall.

Atlanta faces systemic challenges that will require a comprehensive response. Urban economic development, affordable living, fiscal transparency and responsibility, and our homeless population are some of the issues that have created a divide within our city. Our communities deserve policing and community safety partnerships that are effective and just. We deserve safer communities, quality affordable living, enactment of creative solutions for our homeless population, and the creation of a Smart Atlanta that protects, provides, and promotes equality through technology. We must have strategies with measurable objectives. As a CPA who has worked in corporate America, I understand data. I will leverage my corporate experience and the time I’ve spent working with small businesses to provide stability and transparency for our city budget. I know first-hand about fiscal responsibility and holding leaders responsible for financial results. I have created and built relationships based on trust, honesty and loyalty. These special values must be brought back to our city. If elected as your next mayor, my goal is to cultivate the relationships I have with City Council, APD and our communities. My platform consists of:

Ending Policing Zones to institute District Policing

  • Hiring 500 Quality officers. 250 from foreign jurisdictions and 250 from Atlanta

100 for 100

  • Identifying 100 minority businesses and raising 100 million dollars in funding
  • Accelerated MBA program for entrepreneurs


  • Transferring Individuals Back into Society
  • 12-month program using city properties to house unsheltered individuals and families
  • Mental health evaluations, trade skill education and life training

Affordable Living

  • Missing Middle
  • Hand Ups not hand Outs
  • Subsidized rent for college and trade school students

Creating an Office of Sustainability

  • ESG Quarterly Reporting
  • Using technology to lower resident’s city services cost

Creating an Office of Infrastructure to

  • Building a SmartATLANTA
  • Responsible for finishing capital projects on time and under budget

Richard N Wright plans to bring a New Voice and a New Vision to the City of Atlanta. To learn more about Richard N Wright’s campaign for Mayor of Atlanta, please visit

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