Rosh Hashanah Message: Lilli Jennison
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Rosh Hashanah Message: Lilli Jennison

Lilli Jennison shares her thoughts and inspiration for the Jewish New Year.

Lilli Jennison
Lilli Jennison

Shana Tova 5784 (featuring AI)

I have been working for Atlanta Jewish Times for almost 5 years now. There have been countless community messages I have been a part of through the years. None of them have ever taken me this long to write. I just couldn’t sit still to write my message for Rosh Hashanah 5784.

Of course, I want to wish everyone a shana tova but I wanted to write more. I turned to ChatGPT to write it for me but the heart just wasn’t there… of course it’s a bot that has no heart so that makes sense. ChatGPT wrote me a technical response to the prompt this year. I’m not going to share what ChatGPT wrote for me; instead, I am going to talk about the wonders of AI in the coming year and how it is allowing us to reach for the stars.

Artificial Intelligence is the wave of the future. It seems out of nowhere, it is now everywhere. Here at the AJT, we have used it to generate a few covers for the paper. I tend to use it instead of Google when I have a question. It is learning and getting better every day and that is so amazing.

To “reach for the stars” is to dream big and set ambitious goals. It is a reminder that we should never limit ourselves based on our current circumstances or past experiences. Just as the stars in the night sky seem distant and unattainable, our dreams may appear out of reach. However, Rosh Hashanah reminds us that with determination and faith, we can move closer to our aspirations, one step at a time. – ChatGPT

Ok, I said I was not going to share what ChatGPT wrote for me, but they did get that last paragraph pretty spot on. If the developers didn’t reach for the stars, we wouldn’t have AI technology. My message is to never stop reaching and always follow your dreams.

Shana Tova!

Lilli Jennison is the creative director for the Atlanta Jewish Times.

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