Simcha Spotlight: Ayelet Hearshen

Simcha Spotlight: Ayelet Hearshen

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Rabbi Joshua and Carrie Hearshen are overjoyed to share their simcha as their daughter, Ayelet Nomi, became a bat mitzvah Oct. 23, the 17th of Cheshvan, her Hebrew birthday. Ayelet was one of the first b’not mitzvah to read from the Torah and have an aliyah at Congregation Or VeShalom.

Ayelet and her family recently moved to Atlanta during the pandemic, where they’ve been welcomed with open arms. Ayelet is a student at AJA and has been a camper at Ramah Darom for the past five years. Sharing in the joy are Ayelet’s Bubby and Zayde, Nancy and Joel Hearshen, her grandparents, Ellen and Ken Apsel, her aunt and uncle and cousins from Michigan and numerous friends from Tampa, Atlanta and Camp Ramah. Ayelet loves acting, reading and drawing, being creative and spending time with her baby sister, Galit.

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