Spring Hall Offers All-Occasion Elegance

Spring Hall Offers All-Occasion Elegance

Benjamin Kweskin

Based in the US and specializing in the Middle East, International Affairs, and US Foreign Policy, Benjamin Kweskin has been researching and writing for over fifteen years and has traveled extensively throughout the Middle East, North Africa and beyond.

Spring Hall brings European-style elegance to Buford Highway about a mile north of I-285.
Spring Hall brings European-style elegance to Buford Highway about a mile north of I-285.

Spring Hall is an upscale wedding and reception facility that offers versatility, style and service.

Located at 7130 Buford Highway in Doraville, Spring Hall features elegant and sophisticated decor. New owner Eti Lazarian has relaunched the facility with fine touches so that any special event, from weddings and corporate events to anniversaries and private parties, is something people talk about and remember.

AJT: Tell us a bit about yourself and your family. How long have you been living in Atlanta?

Lazarian: I was born in Jerusalem and lived in Rishon LeZion and Tel Aviv. I met my husband in Israel working for then-Prime Minister Sharon in the finance department for his party, Likud. I had just finished my M.A. in marketing. I was career-oriented and interested in security and politics. My husband, Chaz Lazarian, is also Israeli and is an attorney. The first time we met, he was in Israel for business. After only three months of dating, I moved to Atlanta with Chaz. Together we have three girls, and they all attend Davis Academy: Mia, 5; Noa, 7; and Ella, 9. We live in Dunwoody.

Eti Lazarian, with husband Chaz and two of their daughters, celebrates her 40th birthday recently at Spring Hall.
Eti Lazarian, with husband Chaz and two of their daughters, celebrates her 40th birthday recently at Spring Hall.

AJT: What is your involvement in the Jewish and Israeli communities?

Lazarian: We are very active in AIPAC and FIDF. We are very supportive of FIDF — as someone who was in the army, I know firsthand that a care package means the world. We also are active in Chabad Israeli Center.

I love Atlanta; we have everything here. I’m also a very active photographer, and I love shooting — I could do it from dusk to dawn. I’m trying to involve my girls with Israeli soldiers and teaching them about their sacrifices. For example, during their birthdays and Chanukah, we give gifts to homeless shelters. The girls are able to choose two gifts each, but the rest go to area homeless shelters. I don’t want to raise too privileged girls. I also take my girls to work sometimes so they know how hard I work. In addition to Hebrew, they are learning some Spanish and Farsi, since my husband’s family is originally from Iran.

AJT: In addition to Spring Hall, you and your husband own several other businesses in the Atlanta area. What are those?

Lazarian: We are in purchase mode now. Chaz has an investment firm that works with clients from all over the world, especially regarding real estate. I do property management and deal with the rental units from our lofts we own and manage downtown.

AJT: Tell us about the idea behind Spring Hall since you recently took over management.

Lazarian: The center is managed by Global Forum (which we also manage). We have been able to work on Spring Hall since last February. Here, all the wedding and event planning is separated. But in Israel everything is coordinated and tied together — that is our goal. Tell us what you want, and we’ll take care of everything else.

When I first saw Spring Hall (by chance), everything was already spick and span, and I was floored how pretty and spotless everything was. It was immaculate and up to our personal standards. Obviously our priority (for adult occasions) is entertaining adults, but I noticed that often children are left without being entertained. Since February, we built a beautiful VIP room for kids with games so they can have something to do while adults can have their time without worrying.

AJT: Why did you choose Buford Highway as a location? Some would say that is a very strange or unique place for an upscale venue.

Spring Hall can accommodate 350 people for a seated dinner.
Spring Hall can accommodate 350 people for a seated dinner.

Lazarian: I don’t see it like that, and in fact it is actually an advantage. It’s closer than people think. There is no traffic, no parking fees. And you don’t have to travel all the way downtown. It’s a mile from the Perimeter, 12 minutes from my house. Also, the facility is as nice as the nicest hotel in Atlanta. The designers paid attention to every single last detail. The advantage is that since we manage the Global Forum as well, it’s not an issue if your party goes overtime.

AJT: Aside from its location, what makes Spring Hall stand out? What incentives would attract potential clients?

Lazarian: Spring Hall is a one-stop shop: If you want a Moroccan DJ with Indian food and Pakistani décor, our designer can create all of that. The Jewish community here is actually very diverse, and we can make your event as accurate, authentic and appropriate as you wish. We’ve had Indian, Persian and Israeli weddings. The Moroccan DJ we use is exceptional, and he used to work at Havana nightclub.

AJT: What is in store for you and your family and Spring Hall in the next few months and years?

Lazarian: We will have a new, full kosher kitchen that has already been checked by several rabbis and kashrut authorities. Many kosher caterers here already work with us. Plus, Buford highway is up and coming, and real estate is booming there.

AJT: What would you like to convey to the Jewish community regarding your businesses?

Lazarian: The Jewish community is big on name recognition, but our venue competes in beauty and is just as gorgeous as any other place in Buckhead or downtown. Our facility is state of the art. You get the venue you want for a fraction of the cost for the nicest hotels.

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