Stellar Bodies Opens in The Works
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Stellar Bodies Opens in The Works

Amy Selig takes on the pandemic, opens third fitness studio, and offers wellness advice for mind and body to stay strong.

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Classes at Stellar Bodies  are socially distanced. Each class participant works on individual Megaformer M3 models.
Classes at Stellar Bodies are socially distanced. Each class participant works on individual Megaformer M3 models.

Recommended in Gwyneth Paltrow’s highly touted Goop platform, Amy Selig opened her third Stellar Bodies in West Midtown Oct. 25.

From Worthington, Ohio, she received an undergraduate degree in fashion merchandising from the University of Tennessee and combined her love for fitness and the boutique element in Stellar Bodies.

“We provide a killer workout that combines cardio and strength training to burn calories, build core muscles and improve posture. Often as a ‘self reward’ after they are done sweating, clients hang around to buy a nice piece of workout apparel.”

Amy Selig adjusted and pivoted in the pandemic to open her third Stellar Body in Atlanta in October.

Located in The Works, the studio houses retail and 14 Megaformer fitness machines. Classes are socially distanced with individuals perched on their own Megaformer spaced 6 feet apart. The state-of-the-art Megaformer M3 emulates some Pilates-based movements. It allows for a slow-paced workout using resistance and counter resistance to engage the full body, adding tension with springs. The workout is intense without any impact on joints. “It’s an ultra-powerful, low-impact workout in under an hour,” Selig said. “It’s inspiring to see new students become stronger and push themselves.”

She began this journey nearly a decade ago when she saw the fitness pendulum swing to specialized, small-group training. At the time, she owned a personal training gym. After research, she discovered the Lagree Fitness Method while on a retreat in Arizona. She realized she could apply her personal training background and customer engagement savvy to make the concept even better in Atlanta. Bringing that method here, she opened the first Stellar Bodies in Buckhead in 2011.

The Lagree method draws a mega watt celebrity following, including Meghan Markle, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Nicole Kidman.
Currently only about 10 percent of classes are male. Selig said, “They should not be intimidated by our intensity. If they are smart, they will join to see our good- looking gals.”

Regarding the pandemic, she said, “The word ‘pivot’ comes to mind. I was slated to open The Works location in April, and we ended up opening Oct. 25. Our other studios are open and doing well; our clients are happy to have a place to bring them peace and wellness in unsettling times and provide a well-needed break from the news.”

Great interest has been directed towards The Works, a major development community on the Westside.

Selig’s guidelines for future wellness and getting in tip-top shape:
“Thrive by moving more and sitting less. It doesn’t have to be a formal exercise routine to get the body pumping more blood and increasing the heart rate. Treat exercise as a simple ‘to do’ item just like brushing your teeth. Schedule it.”

In terms of dieting, she stated, “The biggest mistake is overdoing it too soon and removing food groups to reduce the weight number on the scale. I do not recommend fad diets like Keto. That being said, a more formal diet could indeed give a good jumpstart. Then reality may set in and there could be a boomerang effect. Bottom line: control portions and keep eating.”

Why The Works? “I wanted to be on the Westside prior to the development coming to fruition, but Scott [her late ex-husband who succumbed to cancer in 2017] was the visionary behind this development. I am a tenant of The Works. No special family favors.”

Great interest has been directed towards The Works, a major development community on the Westside.

The Works on Chattahoochee Avenue is a part of a million-square-foot project. Developed by Amy’s former father-in-law Steve Selig of Selig Enterprises, which has owned the property for 70 years, The Works is touted as the most exciting development since Ponce City Market.

Scott Selig wanted to develop The Works to stay true to its history as industrial-warehouse open space. It will feature a linear park “the Spur” and an all-weather patio. The multi-phased masterplan comprises 350,000 square feet of retail and entertainment, 500,000 square feet of office space, 500 residences, 200 hotel rooms and 13 acres of greenspace. The first phase, (27 acres out of a total of 80 acres), is currently under construction.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta hosted a preview event there in December with celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern, who is bringing vendors together for the eclectic food court.

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