Sukkahs That Bring the House Down

Sukkahs That Bring the House Down

The AJT invited members of the community to share photos of their 2018 sukkot.

We received submissions from across Greater Atlanta with personal messages cluing us in to what makes each sukkah special.

From young Cub Scouts celebrating with retirement home residents, to a festive “Sukkah de Las Vegas”-themed gathering, our readers celebrated the holiday with their own traditions and style.

Each submission was entered into a raffle. The winners of this year’s contest are Kamy and Roya Deljou, whose beautiful sukkah brought people from all walks of life together. Congratulations and thank you for participating.

Some of Atlanta’s Jewish day schools gave us a glimpse into their Sukkot celebrations. Davis Academy welcomed Christian academy students to their sukkah. The senior class of 2019 decorated The Weber School’s environmentally friendly sukkah. Atlanta Jewish Academy hosted “Sukkah Wars” for its Upper School, with students constructing creative models of original sukkot designs.

Atlanta Jewish Academy

Students, faculty and staff at AJA enjoyed spending time in the sukkah this week, beautifully decorated with artwork made by the third grade.

Atlanta Jewish Academy

Students built scale-model sukkot in teams as part of the Upper School “Sukkah Wars.” The student groups could enter in the categories of: Minimalist, Passul (not kosher), Edible, No 90 Degree Angles, and STEM. Each sukkah was judged in its category based on the criteria of design, aesthetic appeal and creativity. Four winners were chosen by our guest faculty judges (including Head of School Rabbi Ari Leubitz) as the Sukkah Wars Champions.

Pack 1818 Cub and Boy Scouts of GA

At The Cohen Home in Johns Creek, Jewish Scouts built and decorated a sukkah as their service project for retirement home residents.

In Toco Hills, this sukkah was lovingly decorated with curtains made from sheets 37 years ago, plastic fruit purchased at yard sales around the neighborhood, pictures our children made when they were young and favorite greeting cards from over the years.

Paul Root Wolpe

In North Decatur/Oak Grove, our large all-bamboo sukkah is lovingly built from scratch each year to seat close to 100 guests during Sukkot.

Davis Academy

Davis’ Mechina: Kindergarten Prep students celebrate Sukkot in their very own classroom sukkah.



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