Terrific things are happening at Temple Kol Emeth!

Terrific things are happening at Temple Kol Emeth!

Find your place for the High Holidays at Temple Kol Emeth.

Senior Rabbi Larry Sernovitz joined Temple Kol Emeth (TKE) on July 1, 2020. Under his leadership, despite a global pandemic, TKE continues to enhance and expand programming for all ages, and new members are flocking to the East Cobb synagogue to join their family.

Sernovitz says, “TKE is truly a community of communities;” thus, his inspiration to develop the Kehillot program. A Kehillah is an intentional community of 6-10 people from the congregation whose members make a covenant to come together at least twice a month using Jewish intention to help create connection – connection with your spirituality, your community, and yourself. This network of relationships link members together for shared activities, allowing everyone to feel welcome with a heightened sense of belonging and family. Kehillot are geared to different interests and passions, yet all Kehillot have the same purpose connection. For example, there was a foodie Kehillah that explored grilling and another Kehillah that was devoted to wine tasting. There was a Couch to 5K Kehillah, a dog walking Kehillah, and a disc golf Kehillah for outdoor lovers. Parents had a support Kehillah, and still another Kehillah explored all things Judaism. Last round, there were 16 different Kehillot where members could explore their passions and invoke their sense of curiosity while being in the warm, welcoming company of friends. Kehillot are seasonal, each lasting approximately three months, and are facilitated by the group’s Shammash (“igniter”). You have a subject interest? Create your own Kehillah!

Sernovitz also launched the Spiritual Boot Camp in 2020. This year’s Spiritual Boot Camp began on August 9. You can still join the TKE community for daily engagement, including prayer calls every Wednesday, meditation exercises, poetry, videos, activities, and more to help you engage deeply in the month of Elul. These are only some of the ways to get involved at TKE. Under Sernovitz guidance a formal engagement committee was created to drive new and innovative programing for all age groups, keeping TKE’s calendar full of opportunities to participate. They also hosted a major social distanced outdoor community event and virtual road race in 2020.

Sernovitz also brought the award-winning Religious Educator Hope Chernak on board to lead TKE’s thriving Religious School. Chernak brings exciting new ideas and an engaging new curriculum for kids from pre-school to confirmation. In addition to being the third largest religious school in the metro Atlanta area, TKE’s Religious School ignites a passion for Jewish education in school-age kids. “Educate a child in the way he ought to go and he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6).

To meet the growth in their community, TKE has hired Cindy Livingston to be the Director of Member Engagement. Bringing 20 years of Jewish professional experience to her new role, Livingston is facilitating new programs, community engagement, and connecting with young families. In addition to the religious school, children and teens have endless opportunities to connect with each other through oTKE’s KEFTY teen program, Kol Bonim activities, and so much more all overseen by Lauren Davis, the Youth Engagement Coordinator.

Rabbi Sernovitz is passionate about the intersection of faith and secular life, dedicating his career to inspiring individuals and families to create sacred moments in their lives. You can join this thriving community and learn more at Temple Kol Emeth at https://www.kolemeth.net. Follow them on social media at @TempleKolEmethMariettaGa.

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