The Lowdown: Billi Marcus
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The Lowdown: Billi Marcus

This great woman behind Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus tells AJT readers about traveling, comfort foods and her love of animals.

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As a survivor herself, Billi wears pink for October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
As a survivor herself, Billi wears pink for October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“Behind every great man is a great woman.” The old adage, in this case, applies to Billi Marcus, the young-thinking octogenarian wife of Bernie Marcus, co-founder of The Home Depot. Billi steps into our spotlight to explain her passion for animals and winning golf tournaments. Suffice it to say, she’s not in anyone’s shadow.

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If you were a 21-year-old young woman today, what career would you choose?
Probably a veterinarian, … definitely a career related to animals.

My favorite creature in the Georgia Aquarium is …
That’s an easy one: belugas. My favorite is Natasha, a female who was traded to San Antonio for a male, who hopefully will mate with her daughter, Marist. Interestingly, I still visit her in Texas.

Billi and Bernie Marcus are credited with donating the major gift that brought the Georgia Aquarium to fruition.

What advice would you give someone learning to play golf?
You have to be determined and put the time in. When I began to play, I put on a golf outfit first thing in the morning to get “into the zone.” I would go to the supermarket and stop at the driving range. I was determined to show my husband that I could raise the low bar he set for me. I shot in the 70s once in a while, then the 80s. Let’s just say I was “hell bent” on playing well!

My comfort food is …
Meat loaf, gravy, mashed potatoes and string beans. A little bit Southern, a little bit Jewish.

Looking back at all your travels, what was your favorite destination?
Italy. … We drove cross country and stopped every two days at a new hotel. My favorite cuisine is hearty Sicilian versus the lighter Milanese dishes.

The last good movie I saw was …
“Three Identical Strangers.” The fact that Jewish therapists separated twins and triplets as a secret experiment was very upsetting and outrageous.

I was last moved to tears when …
I read about a woman running the Freedom Farm, where she trains horses to help rehabilitate veterans.

The most annoying habit my husband has is …
I’ll let you know when I find one!

As a survivor herself, Billi wears pink for October Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

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