The Lowdown: Clark Howard
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The Lowdown: Clark Howard

Atlanta is chock full of interesting movers and shakers. Lean in to hear some off the cuff remarks about what makes Clark Howard tick.

After 37 years with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and now with the AJT, , Jaffe’s focus is lifestyle, art, dining, fashion, and community events with emphasis on Jewish movers and shakers.

Atlanta is chock full of interesting movers and shakers, some bent on creativity, empire building, activism, some on just plain having fun and living the good life. Lean in to hear some off the cuff remarks about what makes Clark Howard tick.
Native Atlantan Howard is a household name as he shares his professional and personal life as a consumer advocate, family man, cancer survivor, radio personality, columnist, and all-around good guy.

From silver spoon to penny pincher, he describes his journey of growing up in a prominent Atlanta family when finances devolved, prompting him to get to work at an early age and understand the value of money. Selling his travel agency and retiring at 31, Clark entered the spotlight as a consumer action advocate, New York Times best-selling author and talk show host, doling out practical advice as a money expert.

A member of the National Radio Hall of Fame, Howard analyzes everyday calculations such as where to order eyeglasses, how he bought his wife’s diamond ring (Costco), and “fast food math,” the efficiency of combining patties from two burgers.

He is involved in the Prostate Cancer Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Christmas Kids Gift Drive and the Georgia State Defense Force. Whether on the radio or shopping at CVS, he is always gracious to fans. Many were disappointed when he declined to run for mayor.

He is now obsessed with his fitness tracker’s step count, pacing the house at night to hit his daily target.

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Jaffe: Truly the best bargain I ever landed was…

Howard: Atlanta to Honolulu for $176 round-trip on United Airlines in 1997.

Jaffe: The best advice my dad gave me …

Howard: Life is 99 rounds. Sometimes you get knocked down. Lick your wounds, get back up and go on.

Jaffe: The last time I cried …

Howard: When my grandson was born. He is at preschool at the Marcus Jewish Community Center where my daughter was as a child and where I was also as a baby.

Jaffe: If I had one more talent…

Howard: I would play NFL football.

Jaffe: My most exotic vacation…

Howard: Traversing South Africa. I traveled from Port Elizabeth to a game reserve called Hlosi, then along the Garden Route and on to Cape Town and Camps Bay.

Jaffe: I have been told I look like …

Howard: Jerry Seinfeld.

Jaffe: The last time I danced …

Howard: At my wedding. Nobody ever wants to see me dance or hear me sing.

Jaffe: My most unusual job was …

Howard: Working in collections for IBM to pay my way through grad school. I was surprisingly good as a bill collector.

Jaffe: My kids say …

Howard: I am too cheap and have the worst jokes.

Jaffe: My last fashion disaster …

Howard: Happens today and every day. I dress with zero fashion and usually wear what my staff describes as the “Clark A-form.”

Jaffe: What are you reading?

Howard: Trade journals, finance publications, newspapers and blogs. I am one dull man.

Jaffe: Advice to a 21-year-old Clark:

Howard: Save a dime of every dollar you make your entire working lifetime.

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