The Morris-Fishman Weddings Connection
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The Morris-Fishman Weddings Connection

Alex and Sam’s friendship began with a mock wedding at Woodward Academy.

You may not know it, but there’s a charming backstory connecting two of our featured wedding couples: the longstanding friendship between Alexandra Morris and Sam Fishman, who got married in Dallas just two weeks after Morris tied the knot at Barnsley. Their friendship began during pre-K at Woodward Academy North in Atlanta and continued throughout their school years and subsequent decades. In kindergarten, the students would participate in the wedding of “Mr. Q to Ms. U” as a literacy lesson, to demonstrate that the two letters always go together. Alexandra was chosen as a bridesmaid and Sam was to be the groomsman.

Alexandra and Sam grew up side by side at Woodward Academy North.

Now a bride herself, Alexandra recalled: “Sam and I have always been best friends. Whether we see each other a lot or only a few times a year, we always make it count. We can talk about our deeper struggles or just laugh and goof around. He is always an honest friend that gives me meaningful advice.

Their friendship has endured through the decades, with their weddings taking place just two weeks apart.

On the eve of Sam and Ali’s wedding, David and I spent the last hour of the evening getting one-on-one time with Sam, decompressing and catching up on the craziness of life. Sam will always be like a brother to me no matter what.

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