THEN & NOW: Carol and Paul Muldawer
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THEN & NOW: Carol and Paul Muldawer

Carol and Paul Muldawer share their secrets to a longtime relationship.

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Carol and Paul Muldawer
Carol and Paul Muldawer

Carol and Paul Muldawer
Years Married: 67 years
Date of wedding: Aug. 12, 1956
Progressive Club

How They Met
Carol: He was home from University of Florida where he was on a swim scholarship. He was practicing his dives in the Progressive Club pool. For six years, I was his admirer.
Paul: I thought she was refreshing, pretty, sarcastic, independent. She was the only Jewish girl to swim in the pool.
Carol: He had a good sense of humor. He never really proposed. In the Army, he asked me to go with him to Germany. We married at 19, after dating for a year.

Secret to Happy Marriage
Carol: We both like to travel to new places and have curiosity about meeting new people.
Paul: You have to take a lot of sh-t.
Carol: It’s a wonder we don’t get a divorce when UGA Plays UF.

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