THEN & NOW: Debbie and Stan Sonenshine
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THEN & NOW: Debbie and Stan Sonenshine

As an Atlanta Jewish Times tradition, we spotlight some of the city’s most optimistic and fun-loving couples who share how they met and their secrets to longstanding marriage.

After 37 years with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and now with the AJT, , Jaffe’s focus is lifestyle, art, dining, fashion, and community events with emphasis on Jewish movers and shakers.

Debbie and Stan Sonenshine
Debbie and Stan Sonenshine

Years Married: 49
September 1973
Location: Pensacola, Fla. B’nai Israel Synagogue

Initial Attraction?
Debbie: We met on “Jewford” (ahem, Buford) Highway. My roommate, Marcia Caller (Jaffe) had a date with Stanley, and when he brought her home, she introduced him.
Stanley: Let’s just say that after one date, both Marcia and I knew there would be no second act. She received a phone call which gave her an excuse to leave; it was like “This is my roommate, Debbie Goldenberg, ya’ll get to know each other.” So, we did. Thank you, Marcia!
Debbie: I thought he was cute, smart, and well-dressed. He was an Ivy League graduate. What really won me over were his values and his family. Both of our families were Southern, Jewish, worked hard, and involved in their communities and synagogues. When I saw how Stanley, his father, and brothers treated their mother, I was sold.

Stanley: Immediate physical attraction, Tight top, short pants, and beautiful green eyes. Checkmate, game over. It became apparent immediately that we liked doing things together and just being with each other. I did have to pry her away from a boyfriend, but I knew it was worth it.

Debbie: Love, mutual respect and not keeping score. Our family roles have changed from time to time. We both did what was needed and didn’t keep track of who did what. I’m lucky to have a supportive soul mate who isn’t intimidated by a strong woman and encourages me.
Stanley: People talk about having to work at their marriage. Not us. While we are different and complement each other, our goals and values align. We express our love and appreciation every day. Our strong relationship lets us enjoy the good times and manage the not so good times.

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