Ultimate Kippah Selling for $36,000

Ultimate Kippah Selling for $36,000

Would you buy this blinged-out kippah with 873 diamonds for $36,000?

ModernTribe.com, the online Jewish gift store founded by Atlantan Jennie Rivlin Roberts and sold last year to Texas cookbook author and food blogger Amy Kritzer, has aimed for headlines this year with what it calls the most expensive yarmulke ever made, a hand-crafted leather kippah decorated with white gold and 873 diamonds totaling 2.75 carats.

At $36,000, ModernTribe claims “the Kippah” is the most expensive yarmulke ever created. Handcrafted and loaded up with conflict-free diamonds, white gold and Italian leather, this kippah is truly a gift for the person who has everything.

Similar to the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra, which is made up of gems and diamonds and sells for upwards of $2 million, “the Kippah” is a novelty item.

“We’d love for Drake to rock one at shul,” Kritzer writes on the product description. “Or Andy Cohen would look like the mensch he truly is. The Kippah is the perfect expression of Jewish pride at any wedding or bar mitzvah. It’s extravagant, but definitely memorable.”

The luxurious kippah can be customized in a variety of leather shades and designs and comes with a custom display case so you can ogle it when it’s not on top of your head.

If you’re not in the market for a $36,000 skullcap, ModernTribe has plenty of creative gift ideas for innovative minds, spirits and style. From fun bagel-and-lox earrings to Emoji dreidels and handmade silver menorahs.

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