Utopia Takes the Stress Away
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Utopia Takes the Stress Away

Resilient entrepreneur, Julie Miller Stewart, survived a fire and COVID lockdown to arrive in this Zen space of affordable self-care.

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AJT writer Marcia Caller Jaffe chats with Utopia owner Julie Miller Stewart about her own zen-filled spa experience that day, and Stewart’s own journey in opening Utopia.
AJT writer Marcia Caller Jaffe chats with Utopia owner Julie Miller Stewart about her own zen-filled spa experience that day, and Stewart’s own journey in opening Utopia.

Spas should be clean and fragrant with a caring staff, tingling waterfall sounds, and relaxing music. A hidden gem, Utopia Foot & Shoulder/Relax and Recharge has all that plus a local owner who keeps things running like a Swiss clock.

Entrepreneur Julie Miller Stewart shared her concept, “We are affordable self-care. Our services include foot, neck, and shoulder. We like to say this is not an ‘airport’ massage, but the next best thing to full body, as you get all the typical trouble areas. We provide an affordable experience that doesn’t take weeks to get an appointment. Although we do book up daily, you can typically get a same-day appointment.”

Most rooms have two chairs and work well for bringing a friend. Make sure to check the daily specials.

For Northsiders, Utopia is out of the Buckhead maze, with a short jump off I- 20 East in Grant Park with free parking, Stewart said, “We easily cover South Atlanta, Downtown, Midtown, East Atlanta, Grant Park, Ormewood Park and surrounding areas.”

Boutiqu-ey and BeltLin-ey, Utopia has four peaceful rooms with two lounging seats in each, and one in the rear for four guests. This is well planned because some spas have a pack of strangers sitting in a factory-like circle. Upon entering, guests are asked to select (no charge) their “salt” flavor: peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, and special “lava” that is a detox. Around 11 massage therapists are on hand each day. The temp is kept on the “edge of cool,” so wrapping in a cozy blanket is sooooo nice. No one here is undressed under a sheet. Therapists offer eye coverings and optional T-shirts, as they maneuver around limbs and body parts reachable chairside. My companion, who had recently visited Thailand, stated that the Utopia Foot Massage was far better.

Utopia offers candles, face products, lotions, essential oil sprays, neck wraps, and migraine pillows.

In this Mother’s Day window (May 11-12), Utopia is offering 75 minutes of foot, shoulder, back and scalp massage with chocolate foot scrub for $85. On average, five to 10 percent of their business is gift cards. Other gift ideas are candles, face products, lotions, essential oil sprays, neck wraps, and migraine pillows. Stewart stated, “I am very particular about the scents and products I choose – I have to love them myself first.”

Stewart’s background for the past 25 years has been in marketing/digital media. Being entrepreneurial, she gave herself five years to open a business or invent something. She said, “The spa concept just came to me. I started researching other similar locations and figured out how to make the concept better.”

She obtained her business license in March 2020 after an eight-month build out … just in time for COVID to shut down the scene. They then waited until May 2020 to open in a world “where people did not want to be touched.”

Stewart only uses fragrances that she herself loves.

She added, “I believe due to perseverance, and my marketing background … we survived. Our business grew and was doing well until August 2022.”

Then, a fire destroyed the entire business, and they were unable to reopen for a year. Since August 2023, Utopia has seen steady growth and is in the process of expanding into corporate wellness and events. Stewart noted, “We are the most affordable massage experience that feels like the ‘Ultimate Zen’ and don’t forget men – 40 percent of our clientele!

Utopia is located at 465 Boulevard. For more information, call (404) 228-4183.

Pricing Tiers

30 minutes | $38 | Choose one: foot, back or shoulder.
60 minutes | $55 | Choose two: foot, back or shoulder.
75 minutes | $70 | All three included: foot, back and shoulder (most popular package)
90 minutes | $85 | All three included: foot, back, shoulder.

Note – Specials!

Take a friend Monday: two one-hour foot & shoulder massages ($78).
Wednesday: two 75-minute foot, back, shoulder massages ($110).
They also offer scalp massages, sugar foot scrubs, and lavender foot masks.

Stewart’s Credo for Utopia

Customer Service: We believe everyone should be treated like they walked into your home when they arrive. We are always friendly and helpful. We love a happy relaxed face at checkout.
Cleanliness: We maintain a very clean environment.
Top Notch Service: Our therapists make sure you leave with one of the best massages while asking about your comfort level and needs throughout the massage.
Intentional Environment: turn off the phone and take this time for yourself.

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