Voters’ Guide: A Fair and Balanced Resource
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Voters’ Guide: A Fair and Balanced Resource

The 2020 election marks a time of unparalleled political topics and issues at the forefront of our minds while determining who is going to get your vote.

2020 marks a national election for the record books, including its unparalleled use of absentee ballots and masks at political rallies and polling sites.

The AJT wants to help you be prepared. We have put forth our best effort to present this Voters’ Guide as a fair and balanced resource to help you make election decisions based on issues that are most important to the Jewish community.

Make no mistake, this is a vital election to our country’s future.

Every four years we are told that THIS is the most important election in American history; and every four years, that statement is true. This year, maybe a little bit more true.

As citizens of the United States and as Jews, we have been through a lot in 2020. Now we come to the most precious of all the rights accorded to Americans, the opportunity to choose our leaders and those who represent us in the chambers of government.

American Jews share the same concerns as our fellow citizens as well as other concerns that are of particular importance to our community.

In this Voters’ Guide, the AJT seeks to help you understand the process by which votes will be cast and counted, the issues of greatest significance to Jewish voters, and how, despite our relatively small numbers, the Jewish vote has become so important. The focus of this issue is primarily on the races for the White House and Congress, which notably include Jewish candidates and candidates with Jewish connections. But we also look at races closer to home, contests of the broadest interest to the Jewish community, and where Jews are under-represented.
Within these pages, you will find a continuum of opinions from Republicans and Democrats, women and men. You’ll hear perspectives about the major Senate races and some of the most contentious Congressional district races. We discuss why there are so few Jews in the Georgia legislature, and how senior citizens, despite their isolation, are fulfilling their right to vote.

So, whether you consider yourself a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Independent, what is important is that you vote.

We hope this year’s voter guide’s articles and information helps you make educated decisions to make your vote count!

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