What Israel Means to Me: Rachel M. Miller

What Israel Means to Me: Rachel M. Miller

Here’s what the director of ORT America’s Atlanta Region has to say as we celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday.

International ORT Robotics Olympad in Kishinev
International ORT Robotics Olympad in Kishinev

For me, Israel is the past, the present and the future of the Jewish people. It is the center of the Jewish world. When I am there, I am so proud to be Jewish and to feel that, through my work over many years with Jewish nonprofits, I have helped the state of Israel to grow and prosper.

Two of my most memorable trips to Israel were with my nephew and niece. Introducing them to a land that I love dearly and watching them as they saw Israel for the first time and interacted with Israeli citizens was an unbelievable joy.

Rachel Miller

To me, Israel is synonymous with opportunity. I am committed to helping Israeli students succeed by giving them access to education and training no matter where they live. My fundraising efforts with ORT America to support our Kadima Mada education program is an outstanding example of how ORT prepares thousands of students each year for careers in Israel’s emerging industries and helps ensure Israel’s strong and vibrant future.

Kol hakavod, Israel!

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