Why in the World is Your Nail Yellow?
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Why in the World is Your Nail Yellow?

Yellow nails show support and raise awareness of the sexual violence perpetuated by Hamas.

Hadassah Greater Atlanta’s 3,000 members are taking the next step, The Yellow Nail Initiative, in the #EndTheSilence campaign. The purpose of this important action is to raise awareness and sound the alarm about the horrific acts of sexual violence perpetuated by Hamas and the hostages who have yet to be returned home. Members are painting one or more nails yellow.

“Hadassah hopes that friends and neighbors will ask our members, “Why is one nail yellow? Isn’t that funny?” Simone Wilker, Zionist Affairs chair for Hadassah Greater Atlanta explains. “I’ve painted my nail yellow to #EndTheSilence about the sexual violence committed by Hamas. My nail is yellow to show my solidarity with my sisters and brothers in Israel. My nail is a cry of alarm but also a sign of hope to #EndTheSilence #Hadassah,” stated Nancy Schwartz, President Hadassah Greater Atlanta.

The question of why yellow is simple. Yellow has been the color that protesters have chosen to symbolize their cause; with Israelis often putting up or waving yellow ribbons when demonstrating, especially in remembering the hostages who are still held in captivity.

Hadassah feels obligated to speak up for those who can’t: visit Hadassah.org to sign the ongoing petition to #EndTheSilence regarding Hamas’s use of rape as a weapon of war on Oct. 7 and demand justice and accountability. We continue to urge the UN to conduct a thorough, independent, unbiased investigation and pursue vigorous prosecution of these war crimes.

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