YIR: Photographer Finds True Self
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YIR: Photographer Finds True Self

May 2021: Diane Crow, formerly known as Duane Stork, shares her trans journey.

After 37 years with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and now with the AJT, , Jaffe’s focus is lifestyle, art, dining, fashion, and community events with emphasis on Jewish movers and shakers.

Far left, male dressed Duane Stork from left to right to Diane Crow “en femme” // Courtesy of Duane Stork Photography
Far left, male dressed Duane Stork from left to right to Diane Crow “en femme” // Courtesy of Duane Stork Photography

As part of the AJT’s May 31 business and professional issue, an article announced the gender transition of well-known community photographer Duane Stork, who now presets as the female Diane Crow.

Diane Crow enjoys putting designer outfits together from Goodwill.

Since then, Crow states, “All of my clients, without exception, accept me as I am and are so happy for me. Since the AJT article appeared, I have so many wonderful experiences with my clients. In an event I’ve shot for years, everyone was so very happy for me and at the end of the evening presented me with several dozen roses. I cried in happiness.”

Diane Crow shares her trans journey.

On another job, Crow was live streaming a professional choir that she had worked with for years. Before the livestream, she addressed the 80-person choir saying, “I know that many have said that since COVID some things will never be the same, I am a perfect example of that!” They laughed and shouted congratulations.

Community wise, Crow says she has felt nothing but love. After asking Rabbi Eliyahu Schusterman of Chabad Intown if she could attend services, he replied, “You are always welcome here!” When asked what side of the Mechitzah she would sit on, he continued “Since you are wearing a Sheitel and observing modesty in your clothing, then on the women’s side would be fine.”

In terms of fashion Crow stated, “All my wardrobe has been purchased at Goodwill. I call it ‘Goodwill Hunting’. Because of Goodwill, I have been able to dress like a million bucks for a few dollars, … in Calvin Kline, Steve Madden, Ann Klein, Doony Burk, Coach, and every high-quality brand name you can mention. High quality clothes in outstanding condition for pennies on the dollar. My friends call me the “Goodwill Fashionista.”

The Diane Crow Show is going well. Every Sunday at 7 p.m. she interviews people from all over the world, talking about hair, makeup, walking in heels, mental health, body, hair, and much more.

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