2021 Mother’s Day Tribute: Vita Lemberg
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2021 Mother’s Day Tribute: Vita Lemberg

Alla Umanskiy shares why her mom deserves the best day ever.

Vita Lemberg
Vita Lemberg

Vita Lemberg – Johns Creek

My mom lost two things last year – a younger brother and 60 pounds. One, forever. The other, for as long as she wants to. My mom’s 51-year-old brother (my gorgeous, life-loving uncle) passed away unexpectedly last April, at the peak of a global pandemic. We grieved for him separately, not allowed to hug each other, each hollowed out by our own tears and memories of him.

The other loss was more wanted. For most of her adult life, my mom carried around extra weight. Her amazing body that bore two daughters, stands on its feet for most of the day, helping other women deliver babies. My mom is a labor and delivery nurse at Emory. She walks miles every day around the hospital, and the extra weight she’s always had was a hard burden to shoulder. I’ve seen her through dozens of diets, exercise fads and crash eating regimens. None ever worked for long. Last year, my mom finally put her health first and lost 60 pounds over the course of 12 months. Her health improved, her energy level shot up, and we have never been more proud of her.

This Mother’s Day – as every Mother’s Day and every day! – I will celebrate my mom for the force that she is. She deserved the best Mother’s Day because life has tested her time and time again, and she continues to be a source of inspiration and kindness in my life. Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!

By Alla Umanskiy

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