My Mom Deserves the Best Day Ever
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My Mom Deserves the Best Day Ever

Jewish Atlanta shares why their mothers are so special.

In advance of Mother’s Day, the AJT partnered with the Facebook group Jewish Moms of Atlanta, which provides a sense of community to its members, “your own ‘coffee talk’ about well, almost anything … a place to ask questions or share great ideas.”

We received a total of 32 submissions which were all entered into a raffle drawing and will appear on the AJT’s website. Thirteen were drawn as part of the raffle to appear below. Of those, these three winners will receive a special delivery on Mother’s Day: Martha Jo Katz, Dominique Levin and Laura Schilling. Roberta Aronson is the winner of a $100 gift card for Café Intermezzo and Shelley Besnoff won two tickets to the City Springs Theatre Company’s production of “Mama Mia.” All the prizes will be sent on behalf of those that submitted the entries.

Martha Jo Katz- Raffle Winner: Special Mother’s Day Suprise Delivery

Dominique Levin – Raffle Winner: Special Mother’s Day Suprise Delivery

Laura Schilling – Raffle Winner: Special Mother’s Day Suprise Delivery 

Roberta Aronson – Raffle Winner: $100 Gift Card Café Intermezzo 

Shelley Besnoff – Raffle Winner: Two Tickets to City Spring Theater’s Company

Nasreen Bibi 

Joni Chandler

Judy Cone 

Anita Davis 

Kaaren Dolinsky 

Cheryl Dorchinsky

Marilyn Dubovsky 

Lynn Elliott 

Betsy Gard

Pamela Grisham 

Tilda Kaplan

Kimberly Snyder aka Kimmie aka Kim aka Mommy

Elise Kurian 

Vita Lemberg 

Elizabeth Levinger 

Miri Limor 

Suzy Feinstein MacDonald 

Mandi Maloon 

Jeannie Posner

Bonnie Price

Faigy Salomon 

Rebeca Selber

Natalie Sokol

Denise Tischler-Pelts 

Paula Wieden

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