Atlanta Jewish Academy Class of 2022
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Atlanta Jewish Academy Class of 2022

Senior student leaders planned activities such as leading Community Time every week, dedicated to strengthening the learning community through games, discussions and guest speakers.

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The Atlanta Jewish Academy Class of 2022.
The Atlanta Jewish Academy Class of 2022.

On Wednesday, May 25, 21 seniors graduated from Atlanta Jewish Academy.

Highlights of the ceremony included speeches by the valedictorian and salutatorian, as well as divrei Torah by Yered Wittenberg and Leah Houben, two graduating seniors who are also co-presidents of the school’s Student Council.

Joel Rojek, Atlanta Jewish Academy’s general studies instructional leader, characterized the class of 2022 as “lively and fun-loving. They enjoyed spending time together and could often be found in study groups, playing games and shooting baskets together. They have formed strong bonds, and their energetic spirit enlivened the high school,” he told the AJT.

(L to r): Seniors Leah Houben, Ella Goldstein, Sivan Livnat, Kiki Starr in this year’s Chagiga production, an annual performed original musical written, directed, stage-crafted and performed by AJA girls.

Senior student leaders in Student Council planned activities such as leading Community Time every week, dedicated to strengthening the learning community through games, discussions and guest speakers. They arranged for an ice cream truck and shaved ice truck to provide refreshing treats.

The senior boys who run the Meat Club catered BBQ lunches for the rest of the high school. Recently, the senior boys and high school faculty joined forces to compete against 9th-11th grade students in a game of kickball. It was a close match, but the senior and faculty team won in the final inning.

Members of the AJA Meat Club prepare lunch.

Student-led clubs for the class of 2022 included: Meat Club, Coding Club, Crazy Craft Club, Weightlifting Club and Israel Advocacy Club.

The AJA Class of 2022: Aviva Mishli, Daliya Wallenstein, Dalya Silverman, Daniel Bland, Daniel Gadelov, Elaina Leubitz, Ella Goldstein, Elliot Sokol, Joshua Asherian, Leah Houben, Margalit Lytton, Micah Mann, Miriam Bergman, Miriam Lynn, Nina Flusbarg, Noah Kalnitz, Rachel Seeman, Samuel Fogelson, Sivan Livnat, Yakira Starr, Yered Wittenberg.

Class Honors:
Valedictorian: Daliya Wallenstein
Salutatorian: Micah Feit Mann
Sandra Cohen Math Award: Mollie Glazer
Spirit of Humanities Award: 12th grade: Leah Houben; 11th grade: Ayla Cohen; 10th grade: Yossi Jakubo
Special Humanities Award: Josh Asherian
Spirit of STEM Award: 12th grade: Sam Fogelson; 11th grade: Toviah Barnwell; 10th grade: Goldie Teyf
STAR Student: Micah Feit Mann
STAR Teacher: Dave Byron
Student Council Students of the Year: Ayla Cohen, Donny Frances
Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Catherine Brand
AJC Cup: Ella Goldstein
Yale Book Award: Adam Berkowitz
Yeshiva U. Torah Umada Book Award: Jemima Schoen
Columbia Book Award: Sam Kutner
Harvard Book Award: Doran Levin
Hatmada Society Induction: Ella Goldstein, Kiki Starr, Yered Wittenberg
Hebrew Department Award: 12th grade: Miriam Bregman, Margalit Lytton; 11th grade: Gavriella Bader, Jordan Steinberg; 10th grade: Asher Lytton, Hadara Seeman
Jag Award: Noah Kalnitz
Judaic Studies Award: 12th grade: Sam Fogelson, Kiki Starr; 11th grade: Eli Cohen, Jordan Steinberg; 10th grade: Zellik Shapiro, Leora Frank
Middot Award: Oliver Mason, Kayla Minsk
Quiet Hero Award: Margalit Lytton
Performing Arts Award: Moshe Eidex, Kiki Starr

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