My Grandmother’s Latkes
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My Grandmother’s Latkes

Michael Morris shares his recipe for "My Grandmother's Latkes."

Contributed by Michael Morris

The key to making old world tasting potato latkes is using matzo meal instead of flour, generously. I fry my latkes in cast iron, but I think a hot nonstick pan works just as well. One of the reasons I use cast iron, I fry them on my outdoor grill – less splatter and my house doesn’t smell like a giant latke for a week. One more tip, I use thick-skinned Idaho style potatoes and I do not peel them. The skin adds a hearty flavor.

4 small or 3 medium or 2 large potatoes (more skin, more flavor)
1 large onion (I like onion, but you can use a smaller onion to suit your taste)
6 eggs
¾ to 1 cup matzo meal
Salt, to taste (I use a full teaspoon)
Vegetable oil or Smart Balance

My grandmother used a meat grinder for the potatoes and onions. I chop my potatoes and onions, coarse, in a Cuisinart. If the potato mix becomes watery, drain or soak some of the water out. Mix in the eggs, salt and enough matzo meal to make the mix stiff, but still fluid. As the potato mix sits, it may become a little more watery at this point, so just add more matzo meal. I fry silver dollar-size latkes and make them fairly crisp, but I know many people that like them a little more hearty.

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