2021 Father’s Day Tribute: Matt Herman
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2021 Father’s Day Tribute: Matt Herman

Dylan, Alice, and Jamie Herman share why their Dad is the best, coolest or funniest in town.

Matt Herman
Matt Herman

Matt Herman – Johns Creek

My dad is funny and cool because he makes good dad jokes. He plays with me all the time. We sit down and play video games together and it’s always fun. We do cool things like go camping and go to the zoo. He tries teaching me his way to do math, but we
seem to disagree.
He’s a great dad.

Dylan Herman

My dad makes hilarious but terrible dad jokes. He takes us camping every single summer. We sit down and read books together and we work on the garden together. I love my dad so much.

Alice Herman

My dad is the best because he helps me do things around the house. He reads to me at night. We play tic-tac-toe and I love beating him at Sorry.

Jamie Herman

RAFFLE WINNER: $100.00 Buckhead Life Restaurant Group

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