A Chanukah Message from Diana Cole

A Chanukah Message from Diana Cole

Atlanta Jewish Times' staff shares their community insights, advice and perspectives this year during Chanukah.

Diana Cole
Diana Cole

This year, with Chanukah being so close to Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my …

1. Husband: could not have made it through the last 21+ years without you.

2. Children: they are growing and becoming amazing young adults. I know they will be a great asset to society.

3. Education: I am grateful that my children are back in school after a year of being virtual.

4. Family: I am grateful for my dad, stepmom and my brother (plus my sister-in-law and nephews).

5. Health: our family has had some health issues during 2020, and we are still here and healthy.

6. Friends: I would not have made it through the past few years without you.

7. Pets: if you know me, you know I adore my four furry felines. They bring so much happiness to my life.

8. My Job: I get so much fulfillment from helping the Atlanta Jewish community stay connected.

Diana Cole is the website, content and community coordinator at the Atlanta Jewish Times.

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