Abrams’ Career Spans Half-Century
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Abrams’ Career Spans Half-Century

Harry Norman agent covers decades of changes and successes.

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Sandy poses with her broker Rick Brinkman(left) and the late real estate mogul Harry Norman(right).
Sandy poses with her broker Rick Brinkman(left) and the late real estate mogul Harry Norman(right).

Harry Norman real estate agent Sandy Abrams, continues a long-standing career in residential real estate that covers devotion to her family and a dedication to her trade which began in 1972. But it didn’t start that way.

Ever gracious and charming, Abrams served as the social secretary for Gov. Carl Sanders. She recalled, “Politics was most exciting. I got to meet people I would have never had the opportunity to because of my position. Unfortunately, my professional political career was ended when Jimmy Carter was elected governor.”

A friend suggested she should explore a career in real estate. She added, “I knew Jack Adair, so I went to work for Adair Realty and made the Million Dollar Club my first year.”

Adair Realty closed its residential operation, then she signed on with Harry Norman where she remains. Over the years, she has sold a plethora of homes and received many awards. The height of her career was receiving the Platinum Phoenix award, the first one ever given by the Atlanta Realtors Association.

Sandy Abrams (center) and her family.

Navigating a residential real estate career over half a century, Sandy knew how to adapt. Changes like technology (from no internet), safety concerns in not showing isolated properties alone, educating clients to understand pricing (thinking their house is worth more than it is), efforts in getting listings in addition to closing the sale, preparing a house to market (staging) and the many layers of involvement: lenders, title companies, photographers, inspections, appraisals and understanding the constantly changing market.

Balancing family life with two daughters, Alison Schneider and Julie Rosenblum, and supportive husband Dave, things required a bit of juggling.

Schneider stated, “When mom started selling real estate in 1972, I was nine years old, and my sister was five years old. She always jokes that we turned out so well because she went to work when we were young.”

Rosenblum chimed in, “I remembered that mom’s car was always spot clean, and she had the first mobile phone. I also recall always seeing her real estate signs; so, when I read my last name, [I thought] Mom was well known and respected.”

Schneider and Rosenblum said: “While she marks her 50 years in real estate, we are confident, if given the chance to go another 50 years she would jump at the opportunity. The clients, the colleagues, the community and the career allowed her to grow into the outstanding, high-achieving person that she has become. We are so very proud of her. Cheers to 50 years!”

Sandy Abrams was the first recipient of the Platinum Phoenix Award bestowed by the Atlanta Board of Realtors.

Daughters Alison Schneider and Julie Rosenblum Summarized Abrams’ Keys to Success:
Key #1: Mom has the natural ability to connect and care about people. It comes so easily to her. We believe the initial connection and trust are important because buying a home is a highly personal experience. You need to not only trust your agent, but you need to believe they have your back. This quality also transfers to other agents and office administrators as well. She loves the comradery of the office. Still to this day, on Tuesdays she has lunch with the original agents from her office that started around the same time. They are lifelong friends.

Key #2: “No” is not a word in her vocabulary. If you want the home, she will pull all the magic tricks out of her hat to get it for you. Does that mean driving contracts to people’s homes at night? Working weekends? Hosting lunches for other agents with door prizes? Making concessions on her side to make it work? Cooking brownies, vegetable soup, or other goodies? Yes, to all the above. There is nothing better than having Sandy on your team.

Key #3: Mom found her passion in real estate; therefore, she never found it to be a chore or exhausting hence the 50 years. Not many people are able to find what they love in their work/personal life. She was fortunate to blend the two together so well.

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